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Advent Calendar
No choccie in this one

Having cast our beady eye over the nooks and crannies of St. James' Park for our last Advent presentation, this year sees us going a little further afield. Like Jack Kerouac and Green Flag, we perennially find ourselves on the road, following the black and whites on their never-ending tour. 

And for every one-off exotic excursion, there's another return to a familiar venue for the umpteenth time. So, taking our cue from a terrace song, the task we've set ourselves is to rule exactly which is:

"the best trip I've ever been on"
and conversely, which really is "a sh*thole"?

We've introduced a statistical element in order to rank the 25 teams Newcastle have faced most often away from home in order of our successes, but beyond that it becomes a purely personal selection based on just how good - or bad - our recollections of the venue remain. You're most welcome to contribute with your own particular choice and the reasons for making it to Biffa

(We've also dredged our memory banks to bring you a celebrity fans pic from each club - go to relevant window and hover over the number for a few seconds to reveal an image....
Then click the pic to reveal more details
1st - Saints preserve us
3rd - Anfield (c)rap
5th - Bramall brouhahas
7th - For Fox sake
9th - Darwenism
11th - Aston angst
13th - Hawthorn heights
15th - Upton no good
17th - Lane accosters
19th - The road to hell
21st - Owls of derision
23rd - Rampage

2nd - Devilish days out
4th - Molineux misery
6th - Bridge of sighs
8th - The State of Maine
10th - Cottage industry
12th - Gwladys Emmanuel
14th - Dirty Leeds
16th - Old Vic panto
18th - Gunner be starting something
20th - Oh Lanky, Lanky
22nd - Zulu
24th - Get Trent

25th - Christmas Day - Jingle Keys Bells

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Page last updated 25 December, 2012