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Season 1999-2000 
 Match Reports - Helmond Sport (a)
helmond.jpg (43076 bytes)helm.gif (5194 bytes)Helmond Sport 1 Newcastle 2

Date: 17th July 1999 19:00pm

Venue: DeBraak Stadion, Helmond (East of Eindhoven, not quite as far as Deurne). Another two sided effort with two identical and modern stands and nowt much behind the goals, apart from some garages at one end, where rotund locals sat on deckchairs sipping cocktails, probably.

The home team arrived on the field to a synthesised rendition of the "Peter Gunn" theme that would be more appropriate blaring out of the waltzers on the Town Moor. Not quite "Local Hero."

Price: 20 Guilders = about 6 pounds.

Conditions: The hottest of the three days, but a welcoming supporters bar did allow weary travellers to minimise the risk of dehydration.

Kit: The debut of the predominantly white away kit.

Crowd: Approx. 1500 - around 250 United fans. A combination of drink, sun and not getting to many matches may have accounted for some of the more eccentric chants aired (and a new spelling of Newcastle.) However the messages of undying amour directed to the United goalkeeper were rather more unequivocal. The United players again took advantage of the security fencing to avoid signing autographs for the hopeful bairns at the front - not a good PR move.

HSFC: No teamsheet,- couldn't be bothered to write them all down, but the former Wolves player, man mountain John De Wolff turned out, looking like an amply proportioned club committee man. With a ponytail.

NUFC: Perez, Griffin, Charvet, Goma, Dumas, Domi, McClen, Dyer, Andersson, Kerr, Ketsbaia. Subs: Barton for Kerr, Serrant for Dyer, both 45. Subs n/u: Beharall, Caldwell and some others who never bothered warming up.

Who? The usual suspects - Ferguson was spotted kicking a ball around at half time but was only there as a spectator (so what's new I hear you say…)

Goals: 25 mins. Andersson allowed to turn on the edge of the box and steer the ball past a seemingly hypnotised keeper. 1-0
45 mins. An equaliser scored as the referee was about to blow for halftime. Roland Vroomans was afforded time and space to slot the ball home into the corner of the net from the edge of the area, leaving United's five man French defence "dans la merde" when they got back to the dressing room.
90 mins. Somehow a winning goal from Ketsbaia, as a shot that appeared to be well covered by the goalie was diverted crazily into the unguarded side of the net. Lucky white socks, Rudi probably thought….

p60back187.jpg (13556 bytes)Waffle: An evening which went decidedly fruit-shaped with the dismissal of Griffin for a tackle that was either mistimed or a bit naughty depending on your point of view. In view of his recent miscalculation of the trajectory of a large yellow train, the former would seem more likely. Whether he suffers a domestic ban looks to depend on whether the Dutch FA can afford to put a stamp on the referee's report…..

Once the side were one short, all thoughts of tactical experimentation were banished and a victory looked somewhat unlikely given the obviously motivated opposition. The nearest United came to another goal before the last-gasp winner had been a mazy run by the Georgian, who put three home players on their backsides before ramming his shot into the keeper.



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