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Academy Stats 2019-20

Sat 10.08.2019 Middlesbrough (h) drew 3-3
White, De Bolle, Anderson

Brown, Oliver, Midgley, Carlyon, Swailes, Gamblin, Gilchrist (Brannen 81), White, Harrison, Anderson, de Bolle (Ndiweni 89). 
Subs n/u: Marshall, Barclay, Nicholson.

Sat 17.08.2019 Manchester City (a) lost 1-7

Brown, Midgley, Gamblin, Gilchrist, Oliver, Stephenson, de Bolle (Ndiweni 77), Anderson, Brannen, Carlyon, Harrison (Nicholson 87).
Subs n/u: Marshall, Barclay, Leckie.

Sat 24.08.2019 Derby County (h) won 2-1
Anderson 2

Brown, Brannen, Midgley, Oliver, Gamblin, White, Anderson, Stephenson, Gilchrist (De Bolle 82), Carlyon, Harrison.
Subs n/u: Marshall, Barclay, Nicholson, Miley.

Sat 31.08.2019 West Bromwich Albion (a) lost 1-2

Marshall, Oliver, Nicholson (Clark 82), Brannen, Gamblin, Carlyon, Stephenson, Midgley, Gilchrist, Harrison, Huntley (Miley 82)
Subs n/u: Brown, Barclay, Chrystal.

Sat 14.09.2019 Blackburn Rovers (h) drew 2-2
Stephenson 2

Marshall, Oliver, Gamblin, White, Carlyon, Swailes, Gilchrist, Anderson, Harrison (Rounsfell 60), Stephenson, Midgely.
Subs n/u:
Brannen, Brown, Miley, Nicholson.

Sat 21.09.2019 mackems (a) won 2-1
Harrison, White

Brown, Oliver, Midgley, Carlyon, Swailes (Brannen 80), Gamblin, Gilchrist, Rounsfell (Scott 80) Stephenson, White, Harrison 
Sub n/u: Marshall

Sat 28.09.2019 Stoke City (a) lost 2-3 (PLC)

Gilchrist 2

Brown, Oliver, Midgley, Rounsfell (Carlyon 73), Brannen, Gamblin, Stephenson, White, Harrison, Gilchrist, Scott (Reed 72).
Subs n/u: Marshall, Swailes, Miley.

Sat 05.10.2019 Manchester United (h) lost 2-5
Gilchrist, Stephenson

Marshall, Oliver, Midgley, Carlyon (Miley 84), Swailes (Brannen 8), Gamblin, Stephenson (Scott 75), Rounsfell, Reed, Gilchrist, Harrison.
Subs n/u: Brown, 

Sat 19.10.2019 Liverpool (a) lost 0-3

Brown, Gilchrist, Oliver, Brannen, Midgley (Scott 69), Stephenson (Harrison 65), White, Gamblin (de Bolle 65), Reed, Flaherty, Anderson.
Subs n/u: Marshall, Nicholson.

Sat 26.10.2019 West Ham United (h) won 3-1 (PLC)
Reed 2, Anderson

Brown, Oliver, Scott, de Bolle (Carlyon 72), Brannen, Gamblin, Stephenson (Harrison 70), White, Reed, Gilchrist, Anderson.
Subs n/u: Marshall, Nicholson.

Sat 09.11.2019 Stoke City (h) lost 0-1

Brown, Oliver, Midgley, Carlyon, Brannen, Gamblin, Stephenson, White (Ndiweni 88), Reed, Gilchrist (Harrison 62), de Bolle.
Subs n/u:
Marshall, Nicholson, Miley

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