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Newcastle United...
By Michael Chaplin

The latest book by Michael Chaplin at times verges on a summary of our own personal back pages, evoking many familiar emotions and memories of happier times past.

They range from sheer scale of SJP when encountered through childhood eyes to our own personal darkest hour and a half (Southend away, January 1 1992) and even the infamous ball tampering antics of one Vincent Jones esq.

The son of noted writer Sid Chaplin and a successful playwright and author, Michael recalls the life of a long-suffering black and white devotee across six decades.

From childhood experiences of moving to Tyneside, via years as a long-distance fan to one now rooting for them from afar for different reasons, it's a life obsession without parole.

As he himself puts it, "these are postcards of the past from my younger selves, describing not just a match, but also the club, the city of Newcastle, my family and work, as well as the person who was six years old at the outset but is now staring at the imminent arrival of the three score years and ten."

(The cover artwork "Man with Scarf" is by renowned artist Norman Cornish.)

We have author signed hardback copies available now for the cover price of 15.99 including free UK delivery. Sorry but we're unable to fulfil overseas orders. Click "Add to Cart" below to pay securely via Paypal or credit/debit card.

Biffa's mini-review of the book:

Not just evocative and informative, this book is essential. 
Life, the universe and everything  through black and white eyes. 
Triumph, tragedy, misfortune, ineptitude. 
Newcastle United. This is our life.
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