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Academy Stats 2022-23

U18 Premier League (North Division)

28.01.2023 Leeds United (h) won 6-4
Emerson 3(1pen), Donaldson 2(1pen), Bailey

Harris, Milmore (Bryant 46), Charlton, R.Powell, C.Thompson, Craggs, Cooper, Palmer (Beresford 90+1), Mavididi (Donaldson 61), Bailey, Emerson (L.Watts 90).
Subs n/u: A.Harrison.

07.01.2023 Manchester City (a) lost 0-3

A.Harrison, Watts (Neave 84), Beresford (Bryant 72), R.Powell, C.Thompson, Craggs, Palmer, Bailey, Parkinson (Brayson 90), Charlton, Emerson.
Subs n/u: Ross, Wadanni.

21.12.2022 Middlesbrough (a) lost 2-4
R.Powell, Parkinson

A.Harrison, Cooper (Watts 60), Charlton, R.Powell, C.Thompson, Craggs, Palmer, Munda, Parkinson, Mavididi, Emerson.
Subs n/u: Ross, Neave, Bryant, Brayson.

26.11.2022 Wolverhampton Wanderers (h) won 4-1
Parkinson, Munda, Emerson, Neave

Harris, R.Powell, Charlton, O.Harrison (Watts 88), C.Thompson, H.Powell, Cooper (Neave 66), Munda, Parkinson, Palmer (Brayson 85), Emerson.
Subs n/u: Ross, Craggs.

19.11.2022 Leeds United (a) drew 1-1

Harris, R.Powell, C.Thomspon, H.Powell, Charlton, O.Harrison, Bailey, Palmer, Cooper (Neave 79), Parkinson, Munda.
Subs n/u: Ross, Watts, Craggs, Brayson.

29.10.2022 Manchester United (a) drew 2-2
Munda, C.Thompson

Harris, C.Thompson, Charlton, Bailey, H.Powell, R.Powell, Munda, Palmer, O.Harrison, Parkinson, Brayson (Neave 85)
Subs n/u: R.Ndiweni, Ross, Bryant, Craggs.

22.10.2022 Everton (a) drew 1-1

Harris, R.Powell, Charlton (Craggs 59), Bailey, C.Thompson, H.Powell, Cooper, O.Harrison, Palmer, Donaldson (Munda 55), Parkinson.
Subs n/u:
Neave, Ross.

15.10.2022 Derby County (h) lost 1-3

Harris, R.Powell (Neave 84), Charlton (McNally 47), Bailey, C.Thompson, H.Powell, Emerson (Munda 62), O.Harrison, Donaldson, Parkinson, Palmer.
Subs n/u: Ross, Craggs.

01.10.2022 Stoke City (h) lost 1-2

Harris, R.Powell (Nkunku 85), Beresford (Charlton 78), Bailey (Palmer 85), C.Thompson, H.Powell, Cooper (Emerson 63), Stanton, Donaldson, L.Miley, Parkinson.
Sub n/u: Ross.

17.09.2022 mackems (a) lost 1-3

Harris, McNally (Donaldson 46), Charlton, C.Thompson, Bailey, McArthur, Cooper (R.Powell 70), Stanton, Parkinson, L.Miley, Emerson (Nkunku 70).
Subs n/u: Ross, H.Powell.

27.08.2022 Blackburn Rovers (a) won 4-0
Parkinson 2, L.Miley, Stanton

Harris, McNally (H.Powell 70), Charlton (Beresford 57), Bailey, C.Thompson, McArthur, Cooper, Stanton, Parkinson (Nkunku 79), L.Miley, Emerson.
Subs n/u: Ross, Munda.

20.08.2022 Manchester City (h) drew 2-2
og(Murray-Jones), Emerson

Harris, McNally (Munda 65), Charlton (H.Powell 90+5), Bailey, C.Thompson, McArthur, Cooper (Beresford 83), Stanton, Parkinson (Mavididi 65), L.Miley, Emerson.
Sub n/u: Ross.

U18 Premier League Cup

05.11.2022 Aston Villa (a) lost 1-5

Harris, R.Powell, Charlton, Bailey, Thompson, H.Powell, Cooper (Craggs 82), Harrison, Parkinson, L.Miley, Palmer (Munda 69).
Subs n/u: Brayson, Ross, Neave.

08.10.2022 Manchester United (h) won 4-1
Donaldson 2, L.Miley 2

Harris, R.Powell, Charlton, Bailey, Thompson, H.Powell, Emerson (Palmer 85), Stanton (Beresford 90+2), Donaldson (Nkunku 78), L.Miley, Parkinson (Harrison 86).
Sub n/u:

03.09.2022 Arsenal (h) won 4-2
Cooper, Parkinson, L.Miley 2

Harris, McNally (R.Powell 69), Charlton, Bailey, C.Thompson (H.Powell 88), McArthur, Cooper (Mavididi 75), Stanton, Parkinson Nkunku 88), L.Miley, Emerson. Sub n/u: Ross.

U19 Al Abtal Friendly Games:

30.11.2022 White Future Falcons (h) won 6-0
Ndiweni 3, Mavididi, J.Miley, Crossley

M.Thompson (Ross 79), Stewart, Watts, H.Powell (Craggs 46), Hackett, Carlyon, J.Miley, Mavididi (Neave 60), Palmer (R.Powell 46), Crossley, Ndiweni.
Subs n/u: C.Thompson, Emerson, Charlton.

09.11.2022 Austria Vienna (n) won 2-1
Parkinson, Ndiweni

M.Thompson, Stewart (R.Powell 62), Hackett, Bailey (Cooper 72), Thompson (Charlton 72), H.Powell, Parkinson, Huntley, M.Ndiweni, L.Miley (Palmer 79), Crossley.
Sub n/u: Ross.


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