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2018 Day 17 - mackems

We now drop down to the mackems

Played: 154 (142 league, 8FAC, 4LC)
Won: 53 (51 league, 2FAC)
Drawn: 50 (44 league, 1PO, 3FAC, 2LC)
Lost: 51 (47 league, 1PO, 3FAC)

All Time Tyne-wear stats:

  P W D L F A
SJP 71 31 19 21 119 106
SoS/JP 71 20 25 26 92 105
League 142 51 44 47 211 211
SJP(PO) 1 0 0 1 0 2
JP 1 0 1 0 0 0
SJP(FA) 5 1 2 2 5 9
NR/JP 3 1 1 1 3 2
SJP(LC) 1 0 1 0 2 2
JP 1 0 1 0 2 2
Cup/PO 12 2 6 4 12 17
Tot 154 53 50 51 223 228


SJP: 78
Joker Park: 63 
SoS: 13

Most common scores:

Won: 2-1 (twelve times - 6H, 6A)
Drawn: 1-1 (twenty-five times - 11H, 14A)
Lost: 0-2 (twelve times - 4H, 8A)
Along with the twenty-five 1-1 draws, there have also been fifteen 2-2s, giving a remarkable 40 score draws between the rivals. Add in another nine 0-0s and a 3-3 and 50 draws is by far the most with any opponent - Liverpool are next with 42 from 173 games.


Newcastle have failed to win any of the last nine Tyne-wear derbies since 2011.
the mackems failed to win any of the nine Tyne-wear derbies from 2001 to 2008.


SAFC league doubles over NUFC: 8 (1904/05, 1908/09, 1919/20, 1923/24, 1954/55, 1966/67, 2013/14, 2014/15)
NUFC league doubles over SAFC: 9 (1909/10, 1911/12, 1913/14, 1920/21, 1955/56, 1956/57, 1992/93, 2002/03, 2005/06)

Most games in a season: 5 (1912/13)

Longest gap between games: March 1970 to December 1976

First: Saturday 24th December 1898 mackems 2 Newcastle 3 (Division One)
"The meeting between Sunderland and Newcastle at Roker Park on Saturday afternoon produced one of the most remarkable games ever witnessed on the football field in the North of England. 

"Tremendous interest was manifested in the encounter throughout Northumberland and Durham and the North Eastern Railway Company, despite elaborate preparations, failed to provide an adequate service for the conveyance of enthusiasts from all parts between Tyne and Tees.

"Long before noon there was a lengthy queue at the special box provided outside the Central Station, Newcastle by the railway company for the issue of tickets to Sunderland and until half past one o'clock there was a constant stream of people clamouring for speedy conveyance to the Wearside borough, but the company utterly failed to cope with the traffic." (The Journal).

Sunday 20th March 2016 Newcastle 1 mackems 1 (Premier League)
"Our punning headline for this one was "Tyne-wear Mitro avoids points failure" but with less than 10 minutes to go, the chances of writing anything at all on the website post-match looked remote.

Instead, thoughts had turned to posting a blank page, with some sombre musical accompaniment of the type usually reserved for days of mourning after the death of a dictator.
Until our Serbian lump netted there was simply nothing worth saying; by that point in proceedings it was becoming increasingly difficult to think or even function. (

Best: Saturday 9th October 1920 Newcastle 6 mackems 1 (Division One)
"After making allowances for the influence of local feeling and rivalry, the severe trouncing of Sunderland is such a thing which no fellah can understand for the wearsiders were at full strength. It was a thrashing of that like that Sunderland have not experienced since before the war." (Sheffield Evening Telegraph)

* also Monday 26th December 1955 mackems 1 Newcastle 6 (Division One)

Saturday 5th December 1908 Newcastle 1 mackems 9 (Division One)
"Whitson retired injured and Shepherd went lame while Sunderland, who played smashing, successful football scored almost every time they went forward in earnest. Inefficiency in the Newcastle defence was a big contributing factor to Sunderland's victory though the victors must be given credit for some brilliant individual work." (Shields Daily News)

NUFC v SMB gallery:

September 1906: A 4-2 home success

December 1955: A 3-1 home victory

November 1969: 3-0 to the home side at SJP

January 1980: Because of New Years Day....

February 2002: Nick nicks it at the stadium of plight

October 2010: The mackem slayer in the 5-1

NUFC v SMB - moment in history:

September 1996: away fan ban, away win

A scandalous surrender by the two clubs meant that what was to be final derby played at Roker Park took place with an official attendance of zero away fans in September 1996 (with the same ridiculous situation applying the following April at Gallowgate).

In reality around 100 black and whiters actually got in - many well disguised - the non-televised game beamed out live to 8,000 fans at the Newcastle Arena for those who couldn't hide their allegiance or get a ticket. The crowd limit at the decaying old stadium was less than 23,000.

Smoggy whistler Jeff Winter pointed to the spot after Robbie Elliot made contact with Steve Agnew in the box and Martin Scott beat Pavel Srnicek from the spot at the Fulwell End after 19 minutes.

Back came United however and Les Ferdinand's 52nd minute run and centre was nodded in by Peter Beardsley, before Les headed past Tony Coton from a corner ten minutes later.

The next wearside meeting of the sides came at the stadium of plight in 2000, when over 42,000 were in attendance including an official allocation from Tyneside as sanity was thankfully restored.

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