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Advent Calendar
No choccie in this one

Our festive jamboree this year is a question of "who are ya?" - in other words, a rundown of Newcastle's most frequent first team opponents since entering the Football League in 1893.

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1st - The Wanderers
3rd - Turf Moor Tubthumping
5th - A Forest

7th - Stone Fox Chase
9th - One hit wonders
11th - Smog on the Water
13th - Night Owl Blues
15th - The Wild Rovers
17th - Way Down....
19th - Have you ever had it Blue?
21st - Shout at the Devils
23rd - YNWA
2nd - The Saints are coming
4th - Story of The Blues
6th - Put on your Reeboks man
8th - Steve Bloomer's Watching
10th - Greasy Chip Butties
12th - The Lord's their Shepherd
14th - Knees-up Mother Brown
16th - If I Never Met You
18th - Hot Shot Tottenham
20th - Heroes and Villans
22nd - Dogs of War
24th - Blue Moon

25th - Christmas Day - Gunner be starting something

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