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My first match reader recollections I

Thanks to everyone for their contributions, here's a first selection of responses from you lot - with more to follow.....


Ramon Fritschi:

August 22nd 2010 Newcastle 6 Aston Villa 0

I had been following Newcastle from Switzerland since the days of Alan Shearer, and finally I was at St. James' Park - with a mate for the first game of the season

As debuts go, this couldn't get any better, and I was immediately hooked: Villa missed a penalty early on, and Newcastle found the net an astonishing six times without reply.

The sun was shining, the Geordies were singing, the Toon were back in the big time and things looked rosy.

I went on to be a bit of a lucky charm for the Toon, also watching them beat Liverpool in Alan Pardew's first game that season and battering Man Utd 3:0 in 2012.

In later years, as results gradually regressed even more, I became the bogey man from Switzerland - whenever I turned up, people in the pub just know another defeat was imminent!

Neil Finlay:

February 23rd 1974 Newcastle 0 Liverpool 0

What sticks in my mind most of all when somebody ran on from the Leazes End just as Ray Clemence was about to take a goal kick. The bloke in question ran up and fired the ball past Clemence. I've often wondered if the pitch invader is still around of if anybody else remembers this.


Joe Mosby:

January 1st 1990 Newcastle 1 Wolves 4

A sensitive young lad trundles up the steps of the East Stand to see his heroes for the first time, somehow convinced that they are 'By Far The Greatest Team The World Has Ever Seen'.

A chastening 75 minutes of football later, and we're 1-4 down to Wolves, Steve Bull having got the lot. It was too much for me and I burst into tears.

As my dad tried to console me, an old gadgee leaned across and asked what was wrong. My dad explained, and the old fella says to me 'don't worry son, I've been crying for 60 years.'

I cannot say I wasn't warned.


Ray Steinberg:

November 5th 1955 Newcastle 1 Blackpool 2

Apparently this was one of the rare times that the great Stanley Matthews graced St James' Park. I was 3 years old and much of what I recall my Dad reminded me of when I was a little older.

However I distinctly remember sitting on the stone crush barrier near the back of the Leazes End surrounded by Blackpool fans (no need for segregation in those days).

As it was a cold, rainy, dark November day the floodlights were on and I remember the bright green pitch and the Tangerine shirts worn by the Blackpool team, I also remember that every time I shouted for Stanley Matthews (?) the Blackpool fans gave me loads of sweets so obviously I shouted for him all the more.

The only downside to the day was that we got beat!

Dave Westerby:

May 1st 1963 Newcastle 5 Stoke City 2

My Dad only took me to the game (despite us both being Newcastle fans) because he wanted me to see Stanley Matthews play - ironically he didn't appear.

Defender Bill McKinney got a brace via a penalty and a free kick - eat your heart out Nobby Solano!

I was hoping to be able to say the 5-2 victory was Stoke's biggest hiding of the season, until I checked and saw that they lost their next game 0-6 at Norwich!

Stoke won the title and were promoted, Newcastle finished a creditable seventh, although sadly behind sunderland. However, we had the satisfaction of seeing the unwashed finish third behind Chelsea and be denied promotion on goal average.

Paul Kiernan:

February 25th 1984 Newcastle 3 Cardiff City 1

My dad John decided to take my 6 year old self and my two younger brothers to the game. I seem to remember my mam telling him it wasn't the brightest idea to take his three young sons to the Gallowgate End that afternoon but he ignored her motherly advice.

It was a canny view we had sitting on one of the barriers and then we got a penalty. Keegan stepped up and the next thing I know, there's an almighty surge from people behind and while my dad kept a hold of Mark and Daniel, I get sent flying off my perch landing face down on the concrete terracing.

I Didn't see a thing of the goal and had my forehead split open for good measure.  Next thing I know I'm getting passed down to the front of the Gallowgate End and the St John Ambulance bloke is walking me around the edge of the pitch, all along the East Stand to the Leazes End where I get patched up.

Then it's back to the Gallowgate for the rest of the game, where I manage to see Keegan score with my own eyes this time, before getting home later that afternoon to hear my mam giving my dad the old "I told you so John" speech.

Alan Park:

October 10th 1990 Newcastle 1 Middlesbrough 0

Capitalising on an 11 year olds enthusiasm for Italia 90 & Gazza, my Dad took the plunge and walked me up the hill to the second leg of our league cup tie with Boro.

Of course I didn't know any of that. What's a second leg in football?

I got told off for asking who the manager was, and I was the only fan in the ground cheering a 1-0 win, when we'd lost 2-0 in the first leg. I still remember thinking how big the pitch was, how close the players were, and how cool the score board was.

Needless to say I was hooked onto a life of some joy, but mostly misery. And I learnt what aggregate means.

Barry Clark:

December 15th 1979 Newcastle 4 QPR 2

I‘m standing in the Gallowgate End and we were 0-2 down when a dog came on the pitch. I can vividly remember Peter Withe (and his wristbands) chasing it before the game restarted and he scored straight away.

We went on to win it 4-2, and from then on when we were down the lads in the Gallowgate would all say `send the effing dog on`!

Aaron Kernohan:

April 11th 1998 Manchester United 1 Newcastle 1

A friend of mine was part of the North Down Manchester United supporters club in Northern Ireland and invited me to go along with the club on the condition that I tried my best to hide my allegiances.

After convincing my parents to write me a note about a dental appointment to get me off school early we flew to Manchester.

There are two main parts of the match that still stand out. Andreas Andersson scores a goal! I remember being on my feet about to yell out in jubilation when I remembered I was sat on the home end catching myself just in time to change my cry to one of “offside!”. But I think everyone knew after that...

Then of course the current Manchester United manager was sent off for bringing down Rob Lee when he was clean through on goal with a chance to score the goal that would have put us 2-1 up and likely won the game.


April 8th 1978 Newcastle 1 Aston Villa 1

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