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Advent Calendar
No choccie in this one

To celebrate our return to the Champions League this year we're delving into the Euro archives to relive some memorable moments from our sojourns across the continent and of course many unforgettable nights under the lights on Tyneside.

Go to the relevant window and hover over the number for a few seconds to reveal an image.... (Then click the pic to reveal more details.)

1st - Titus Andronicus
3rd - It's a stick up
5th - Sweet spot
7th - Magnificent Seven
9th - Old Lady beater
11th - Halle-LuaLua
13th - Joyeux Nol
15th - False Number Nine
17th - Dyer Consequences
19th - Ginola Genius
21st - La ScAla
23rd - Snap, Crackle and...
2nd - Double Dutch
4th - Laurent Recall
6th - Happy Wednesdays
8th - Unbelievably Krul
10th - Dads Army
12th - The Leaping Lad
14th - Glove Actually

16th - Local hat-trick Heroes
18th - I'm into CB!
20th - Just can't get enough
22nd - Magnifique!
24th - Tino's Terrific Treble

25th - Christmas Day - They think it's all over....

(Click the number 25 or pic)







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