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Season 1999-2000
Leicester City (h) Premiership
Saturday 15th April 2000, 3pm

 St. James' Park

Conditions: Inebriated



Leicester City


0 - 2





7 mins: A break down the United left by Impey left Hughes standing, and a ball whipped into the penalty area found Tony Cottee, who hit a shot to Shay Given's right that the 'keeper got contact with but couldn't prevent from going in. A case of Deja Vu, with West Ham's opener on Wednesday posing similar questions of the Irish custodian. 0-1

Half time: Magpies 0 Foxes 1

52 mins: City scored with their first attack of the second half, Robbie Savage taking a pass outside the box and changing the direction of his run and elude a clutch of defenders. The Welshman then lofted a memorable 20 yarder into the top right hand corner with Given nowhere near it. 0-2

Full time: Magpies 0 Foxes 2

We Said


Sir Bobby said:
"Three defeats in seven days means we've had a dreadful week. We didn't deserve the week we've had but the third defeat in seven days has made us all pretty miserable.

"I can't remember the last time that I was in charge of a team that had three consecutive defeats and certainly not in seven days, so I'm not feeling too well myself."

They Said


Martin O'Neill:

To follow


To follow



A short whinge if I may, after having spent a hundred notes on tickets and half the week on trains to see three hoyed away defeats:

I came from sunny York on Saturday, just up the road, but had a pre-match beer (or six) with a lad who'd flown in from Germany for the game, along with exiles who'd driven from most corners of the country. However, even these efforts pale into insignificance when placed against the Shaw family. 

Originally from Wallsend, John Shaw brought his family from New Zealand to the match and what a miserable bloody time they must have had...And I won't even mention the poor newly-weds who took their place in the ground "in full costume" after the ceremony - if the lassie had thrown the brides bouquet at Given I wouldn't have fancied him to clutch it to his bosom.

They all had one thing in common - if they turned up to work and weren't up to the job, either due to lack of skill or sheer laziness, they'd rapidly know about it. 

While most of the crowd accepted the inevitable and gave the players no grief at all (many having left remarkably early) hopefully Bobby sent the teacups flying as he put the boot in post-match. Too many players decided to live on their reputations and avoid what old fashioned people call "muck and bullets." Against most teams this would be inadvisable, against a Martin O'Neill side, plain stupidity. 

It's hardly worth singling out individuals, as to be honest, none of the starting eleven or the three replacements used will look back with any degree of fondness on their abject display. Christ knows what a Foxes attack composed of something more substantial than a tired dwarf and a converted centre half (Matt Elliott) might have achieved here.

Had we been in the cup final again, I could almost have understood a slackening of effort as we coasted down to a May date at Wembley, with bookings and boots studiously avoided, but we haven't even got that expensive weekend of inevitable misery to "look forward to."

The season might be over, but surely supporters can expect more than this half-arsed excuse for a performance for our efforts?

Having been promised "a thank you present" (their words, not mine) after the cup semi let down, I trust the lads will deliver against a Leeds side facing a tricky Turkish task in midweek, and on the crest of a domestic slump. I'm not overly optimistic though


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