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Academy Stats 2013-14


Mon 22.07.2013 Gateshead (h) won 6-3

Armstrong (2), Kerridge, Cameron, Suddick, Hall

Woodman (Busby 75), Cobain, Morgan (Atkinson 46), Cameron, Gibson (Laidler 46), Barlaser, Storey, Hall* (Drennan 46), Kerridge (Suddick 46), Gilliead, Armstrong. *Hall reappeared on the field in the second half.

Mon 29.07.2013 West Allotment Celtic (h) won 7-0
Laidler (2), Heardman, Armstrong, Johnson, Drennan, Hall

Woodman (Busby 50), Cobain, Morgan (Atkinson 50), Cameron, Gibson, Kerridge (Suddick 36), Storey (Holmes 59), Smith (Drennan 36), Laidler (Johnson 59), Armstrong (Roberts 50), Heardman (Hall 36).

Mon 12.08.2013 Sheffield United (h) won 2-0
Kerridge, Hall

Woodman, Morgan, Aird (Atkinson 76), Storey, McKinnon, Cameron, Cobain, 
Smith (Laidler 60), Hall, Kerridge (Gibson 78), Barlaser. Sub n/u: Busby.

Premier Academy League:

Sat 17.08.2013 Aston Villa (a) lost 0-3

Woodman, Sterry, Gibson (Laidler 71), Storey, McKinnon, Cameron, Olley (Roberts 60), Smith, Hall (Cobain 60), Kerridge, Barlaser. Subs n/u: Morgan, Woolston.

Sat 24.08.2013 Wolves (a) lost 1-2

Woodman, Booth, McKinnon, Gillesphey, Cameron, Drennan, Aarons, Barlaser (Storey 65), Smith, Roberts, Heardman (Kerridge 65) Subs n/u: Laidler, Gibson, Cobain

Wed 28.08.2013 mackems (h) won 3-0
L.Smith, Quinn, Gilliead

Mersin, Sterry, Cameron, Drennan, McKinnon, Gillesphey, Aarons (Roberts 63), Smith, Quinn (Heardman 71), Olley, Gilliead. Subs n/u: B.Smith, Booth, Gibson.

Sat 31.08.2013 Southampton (h) lost 1-2

Mersin, Sterry (Cobain 14), Gibson, Drennan (Quinn 65), McKinnon, Cameron, Gilliead (Olley 46), Storey, Roberts, J.Smith, Aarons. 
Subs n/u:
B.Smith, Gillesphey.

Sat 14.09.2013 Reading (a) lost 1-2

Woodman, Cobain, Drennan, Cameron, Gibson, Gilliead, Aarons, Olley, L.Smith (Heardman 55), Quinn (Kerridge 75), Roberts (Storey 55)
Subs n/u: Laidler, McKinnon

Sat 21.09.2013 West Bromwich Albion (h) lost 1-2

Mitchell, Drennan, Cameron, Olley, McKinnon, Gilesphey, Roberts, Quinn (Barlaser 78), Heardman, Armstrong, Aarons. Subs n/u: Morgan, Woolston, Storey, Gibson.

Sat 28.09.2013 Fulham (a) won 1-0

Mitchell, Morgan, Gibson, Drennan, McKinnon, Cameron, Barlaser, Storey, Roberts, Gilliead (Olley 72), Laidler (Hall 77). Subs n/u: Woolston, Cobain.

Sat 05.10.2013 Stoke City (a) lost 1-4

Mitchell, Morgan (Cobain 69), Gibson (Hall 46), Drennan, McKinnon, Cameron, Barlaser, Kemen (Laidler 46), Roberts, Gilliead, Storey. Subs n/u: Atkinson, Pearson

Sat 19.10.2013 Manchester City (h) lost 0-6

Mitchell, Cobain (Williams 74), Gibson, Drennan, McKinnon, Cameron, Barlaser, Storey, Hall, Olley (Kerridge 67), Laidler. Subs n/u: Woolston, Newberry, Johnson.

Sat 26.10.2013 Spurs (h) lost 1-2

Mitchell, Drennan, Gibson (Cameron 46), Olley, McKinnon, Gillesphey, Roberts, Kemen, Quinn, Gilliead (Barlaser 85), Aarons. Subs n/u: Heardman, Pearson, Morgan.

Sat 02.11.2013 West Ham (a) drew 1-1

Mitchell, Drennan, Gibson, Kemen, McKinnon, Newberry, Gilliead, Olley, Quinn, Roberts (Heardman 66), Aarons (Barlaser 72).
Subs n/u: Kerridge, Pearson, Storey

Sat 09.11.2013 Bolton (a) won 1-0

Mitchell, Drennan, Gilhespy, McKinnon, Cameron, Kemmen, Olley, Roberts, Aarons, Heardman (Kerridge), Barlaser (Storey). Subs n/u: Laidler, Gibson, Pearson

Sat 23.11.2013 Everton (a) won 2-0
Gillesphey, OG

Mitchell, Drennan, Booth (Gibson 46), Gillesphey, Cameron, Olley, Roberts (Storey 75), Aarons, Quinn, Armstrong (Heardman 80), Barlaser. Sub n/u: Woolston

Sat 30.11.2013 Liverpool (h) drew 3-3
Quinn, Booth, Heardman

Mitchell, Sterry (Storey 46), Cameron, Olley, Booth, Gillesphey, Roberts (Heardman 76), Drennan, Quinn, Barlaser, Aarons Subs n/u: Pearson, Gibson, Kerridge.

Sat 06.12.2013 Blackburn Rovers (a) lost 1-4

Mitchell, Drennan, Booth, Gillesphey, Cameron, Roberts (Cobain 70), Kerridge (Storey 70), Kemen, Barlaser, Quinn, Heardman. Subs n/u: tbc

Sat 04.01.2014 Wolves (h) won 3-0
Armstrong, Quinn, Heardman

Pearson, Sterry (L.Smith 46), Booth, Olley, McKinnon, Gillesphey, Gilliead, Drennan, Armstrong (Roberts 75), Kemen, Quinn (Heardman 75). Subs n/u: B.Smith, Cameron.

Sat 11.01.2014 mackems (a) won 1-0

Pearson, Sterry (Cobain 75), Cameron, Olley, McKinnon, Booth, Barlaser, Drennan, Heardman (Hall 83), Kemen, Roberts (Kerridge 86) Subs n/u: Gibson, Smith.

Sat 25.01.2014 Manchester United (h) won 2-1
Aarons, Armstrong

Woodman, Sterry, Drennan, Olley, Gillesphey, McKinnon, Gilliead (L.Smith 46), Kemen, Quinn, Armstrong (Heardman 77), Aarons.
Subs n/u: Woolston, Barlaser, Cameron.

Sat 01.02.2014 Stoke City (h) won 2-0
Quinn, Heardman

Woodman, Sterry, (Cobain), Drennan, Kemen (Williams), Booth, Gibson, Barlaser, L.Smith, Heardman (Laidler), Quinn, Kerridge. Subs n/u: B.Smith, Hall.

Sat 08.02.2014 Bolton Wanderers (h) won 2-1
Roberts, Kerridge

Woodman, Newberry (Johnson 70), Booth, Atkinson, Cameron, Drennan, L.Smith, Kerridge, Gilliead, Roberts, Hall (Hunter 64). Subs n/u: B.Smith, Holmes, Longstaff.

Sat 22.02.2014 Everton (h) lost 2-5
L.Smith, Kerridge

Pearson, Drennan, Cameron, Barlaser, Booth, Atkinson, Gilliead, L.Smith, Heardman (Laidler 80), Kerridge (Hall 80), Roberts. Subs n/u: Woolston, Newberry, Hunter.

Sat 01.03.2014 Liverpool (h) lost 1-4

Pearson, Booth, McKinnon, Atkinson, Cameron, Barlaser, L.Smith, Gilliead, Kerridge (Newberry), Heardman, Roberts. Subs n/u: B.Smith, Longstaff, Hunter, Johnson.

Sat 15.03.2014 Manchester United (h) won 1-0

Woodman, Booth, Gibson (Laidler 76), Olley, Drennan, Cameron, Gilliead, Kemen, Heardman, L. Smith, Quinn. Subs n/u: Barlaser, Pearson, Kerridge, Hall

Tue 18.03.2014 Blackburn Rovers (h) won 2-1
Olley, Heardman

Woodman, Booth, Cameron, Olley, McKinnon, Drennan, Barlaser, L.Smith (Hall 78), Heardman, Quinn, Laidler (Kerridge 66). Subs n/u: Woolston, Atkinson, Gibson.

Sat 22.03.2014 smoggies (a) won 2-0
Kerridge, Barlaser

Woolston, Newberry, Laidler, Olley, McKinnon, Drennan, Quinn, Barlaser, Heardman, L.Smith, Kerridge. Subs n/u: B.Smth, Booth, Atkinson, Hunter, Hall.

Sat 29.03.2014 Leicester City (h) won 5-3
Heardman 2, Olley, Quinn, Barlaser

Woolston, Drennan, Gibson, Olley, McKinnon, Gilhesphey (Laidler 30), Barlaser, Quinn, Heardman, L.Smith, Kerridge. Subs n/u: B.Smith, Atkinson, Newberry, Longstaff.

Sat 05.04.2014 Arsenal (a) lost 0-1

Woolston, Newberry, Cameron, Williams (Cobain), Gibson, Drennan, Barlaser, Ward (Longstaff), Kerridge, Heardman, Laidler (Charman). Subs n/u: B.Smith, Broccoli.

Sat 12.04.2014 Chelsea (h) won 3-2
Heardman, Gilliead 2

Woodman, Newberry, Gibson, Drennan, McKinnon, Cameron, Barlaser, Ward, Heardman, Gilliead, Kerridge. Subs n/u: Laidler, Woolston, Cobain, Charman, Hunter.

Tue 15.04.2014 smoggies (h) won 3-2
Heardman 2, Drennan

Woodman, Newberry, Cameron, Hunter, McKinnon, Gillesphey, Kerridge, Drennan (Gibson 50), Heardman, Charman, Laidler. Subs n/u: Woolston, Tatters, Trodd, Suddick.

Sat 26.04.2014 Norwich City (a) lost 1-2

Woolston, Cobain, Cameron, Broccoli, Newberry (Heaney 80), Atkinson, Charman (Trodd 75), Hunter, Johnson, Kerridge, Laidler. Subs n/u: B.Smith, Suddick.

Sat 03.05.2014 Manchester City (a) lost 1-4

Woolston, Williams, Gibson (Laidler), ,Olley, McKinnon (Cobain), Gillesphey, Kerridge, Quinn, Olomola (Heardman), Gilliead, Barlaser. Subs n/u: B.Smith,   Johnson.

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