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Bez Lifts the Lid...
 Life with United...and beyond   Part VIII

Blah, blah blah John Beresford, Leicester City, Ginola, Tomasson blah......

31-10-1992 Leicester 2 Newcastle 1
Kevin Sheedy kicked Simon Grayson up a height on the touchline in the last minute and got a red card. I asked John if this was a bit out of character for Kevin Sheedy, as he always seemed the quiet sort on the pitch. 

"Not really. Kevin had a bit of a temper on him if anyone upset him. He always said that he couldn't tackle but he could definitely hurt someone if he needed to. I really remember that time at Leicester when he lost it and launched Simon Grayson because I was only half a second behind him. In the dressing room afterwards Keegan went mad at Sheedy and I kept thinking that it could have been me.

As most people know, once you upset Keegan it's often difficult to get back on his good side. 

09-05-1993 Newcastle 7 Leicester 1 

"Everyone remembers the Man United 5-0 as about as good as it gets but the first half of this game was pretty close behind for me. At half-time when we went in at 6-0 Keegan did his usual joke of saying, "Well that was pretty crap," but for some in the dressing room that didn't go down too well. 

Not because they thought he was serious but because of what had happened in the previous game at home to Oxford. We had been pretty awful in the first half and Keegan had actually walked out and gone home because he was so angry. 

Terry Mac was left to hold the fort and although we ended up winning that game it left a bit of a bad feeling with some of the players. And then when he came in laughing and joking when everything was going well against Leicester one or two felt he should also have been there with the players when things weren't going so well."

26-10-1996 Leicester 2 Newcastle 0

"This was the game after the Man United 5-0 and all the players felt we were on a real charge. Shearer had gone for a groin operation, so it was important that we kept the momentum going and this was a real hammer blow. 

On the day we were muscled out of it a bit, especially David Ginola. He didn't handle it very well, though. They doubled up on him which obviously meant that I had a bit of room down the left. I kept playing it up to him and asking for it back but Ginola had turned it into a bit of a personal battle and wanted to take them all on. At the end of the day it might have lost us that game. 

I can also remember David Batty having a real go at me. Casey Keller was having a brilliant game for them - one save form Les [Ferdinand] was unbelievable. Anyway, someone put the ball through for me and Keller came out and beat me to it, smothering it as I jumped over the top of him. Batts shouted at me for not leaving my boot in and taking him out of the game...!"

01-11-1997 Newcastle 3 Leicester 3
This was the game that a Des Hamilton shot went in off Jon-Dahl Tomasson's arse and Bez headed in a last minute equaliser. 

"It was definitely Des Hamilton's goal. I think it was Peter Beardsley who suggested we should credit it to Jon-Dahl because he was going through such a bad time. He was a nice lad but seemed to lose all confidence after he missed that chance in his first game against Sheff Wed. He'd been great in pre-season but that miss seemed to really sap his confidence.

He was a bit lightweight and easily knocked off the ball in training and he also seemed to be trying too hard. He didn't take criticism very well and some of the lads would often take the mickey in training, saying, "I'm having a Jon-Dahl Tomasson today." It was nothing personal - we used to say that about a few players, like Brian Kilcline in 5-a-side games. "I'm having a Killer," became the catchphrase when you had a bad 5-a-side but Killer laughed along with us. Jon-Dahl seemed to take it to heart a bit and it obviously affected his game. 

"When that ball was floated over to me in the last minute everything seemed to go into slow motion. They are often the hardest ones to finish - if it's a hard cross and it flies in off you then it looks spectacular but they are actually less easy to miss. I remember thinking I just wanted to get it on target and make a decent connection to give it a bit of power. Luckily it ended up going just where I wanted it to and it almost felt like I'd scored the winner because it was so late in the game."


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