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United in the League Cup
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Cup of little cheer...

No matter what brand name it's masqueraded under, there's no disguising the fact that Newcastle United never been the best of pals with the League Cup since it got underway in 1960.

Aside from that infamous Tueart overhead kick in 1976, we've never made it to the final (or even the semi's, come to think of it), so it's with gritted teeth and a sense of civic duty that have documented the highs and lows, (but mostly the lows) for your viewing delectation. 

This is not recommended reading for children.

Played: 151 Won: 
Drawn: 20



Against: 203


Does not include penalty shootouts - we've lost six and won two as follows:

mackems (h) Lost 6-7 on pens
Blackburn Rovers (h) Lost 2-4 on pens
Everton (h) Lost 2-3 on pens
2006/07 Watford (a) Won 5-4 on pens
Hull City (a) Lost 1-3 on pens
Leicester City (h) Lost 2-4 on pens
2020/21 Newport County (a) Won 5-4 on pens
Burnley (h) Lost 3-4 on pens

goals scored to date by 134 players* (names in bold current players):

12: Macdonald

Sh.Ameobi, Cole

7: Gowling, Shearer


Beardsley, Bellamy, Burns, Cannell, Lovenkrands, OG

Cassidy, Diame, Dyer, Ferdinand, Lee, N.McDonald, Mitrovic, Nattrass, Owen, Perez, R.Taylor.

2: Aarons, Albert, M.Allen, Sa.Ameobi, Burton, Cisse, T.Craig, Cunningham, Gouffran, D.Guthrie, Joelinton, Keeley, Kelly, McDermott, McGarry, Mirandinha, Nulty, D.Peacock, Rafferty,
Ritchie, Riviere, Robert, K.Robson, P.Robson, Sellars, Shoulder, Solano, Waddle.

1: Allchurch, Almiron, Anderson, Barrowclough, D.Barton, W.Barton, Bennett, Boam, Bracewell, Brazil, Brock, Cabaye, Caldwell, Cartwright,  F.Clark, Clarke, Coloccini, Cordone, Cort, D.Craig, Dalglish, Davies, S.De Jong, Dummett, Dyson, Fell, Ferris, Fox, Fraser, J.Gallacher, K.Gallacher, Gascoigne, Geremi, Gibb, Gillespie, Goddard, Hale, Hamilton, Hayden, Hendrie, Hilley, Howey, Hunt, Iley, D.Jackson, Janmaat, Jeffrey, Jenas, Keegan, Kitson, Lascelles, Martins, McGhee, McGuigan, Milner, Murphy, Muto, Neale, Nolan, N'Zogbia, O'Brien, Parker, Pearson, Pistone, Ranger, Roeder, Rondon, Rossi, Rush, Shelvey, Sibierski, Simpson, Sinclair, Sissoko, Speed, Suddick, Thauvin, Thomas, Thorn, Tomasson, Tudor, Varadi, Watson, Wharton, Williamson.

* not including own goals or penalty shootouts.

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Trophy History: 

1960/61 to 1981/82    League Cup
1982/83 to 1985/86        Milk Cup
1986/87 to 1989/90       Littlewoods Cup
1990/91 to 1992/93 Rumbelows Cup
1993/94 to 1997/98 Coca Cola Cup
1998/99 to 2002/03 Worthington Cup
2003/04 to 2011/12 Carling Cup
2012/13 to 2015/16 Capital One Cup
2015/16 to 2016/17 EFL Cup
2017/18 to 2023/24 Carabao Cup

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