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Lee Bowyer comment

The Bowyer comments below are in response to our inbox of over 1,000 emails and rising, covering a wildly differing range of views from fans.

Many thanks for emailing us and apologies if we don't manage to reply to you individually.

At this stage, it's safe to say that the Bowyer debate has managed to completely polarise Newcastle fans. And judging by the level of abuse of we've received for what we hoped were reasonably measured arguments, this issue has already successfully pitched Newcastle fans against each other.

Bowyer comment:
Lumping it,
not liking it...

Now that the Bowyer transfer looks like being concluded soon, it's worth restating our disappointment that the desire for success at the club on the field now outweighs any external factors.

However, we'll not be advocating walkouts, petitions, boycotts or any other form of protest, on the grounds that it's utterly futile.

Enough fans offered up enough opinions to the media last season before Bowyer went to West Ham for the Newcastle hierarchy to be aware of grave misgivings among a section of our support, be they based on racial, criminal or footballing matters.

That the player is on his way anyway merely confirms what we've known for years - we're held in contempt by Shepherd et al, be it the Save our Seats fiasco, Douglas Hall's behaviour or now, our signing policy.

For the Chairman to use the local media to rage about getting the dressing room cleaned up, then within days sanction the acquisition of a walking time bomb sends out a mixed message - weren't miscreants meant to be shipped out, not in?

But of course none of it really matters, as enough poor saps like us will still turn out regardless, to be endlessly patronised for our devotion. 

Shepherd has done his job though in backing his Manager in the transfer market, as he did when Gullit and Dalglish were at the helm and the likes of Duncan Ferguson came on board.

Sad to say though that Bobby Robson's halo has slipped for wanting to bring in Bowyer. That kindly chap with the twinkle in his eye doesn't seem quite so loveable now. 

Before people rush to Bowyer's defence to claim he's a changed man since his wild years, see if you can recall his final action in a Leeds shirt, only six months ago - standing on the head of an opponent, a sickeningly awful piece of video footage.

Hardly something from the dim and distant, given that he is still to serve the suspension for the incident and has since made only eleven undistinguished appearances for West Ham, without registering a single goal.

One former Newcastle player is rather inappropriately quoted as saying Bowyer is drinking in the last chance saloon, but toon supporters, the people expected to buy those new shirts, are surely entitled to ask how many "get out of jail free" cards he's been handed by the Magpies.

If Bowyer misbehaves - on the pitch or off it - is he up the road as a matter of course, or does he get a few more last chances, like certain of his new colleagues?  

The most depressing fact though is that a man with an off-field history like Bowyer will fit in well with some of the present incumbents of the Newcastle dressing room - evidently talented and richly rewarded but morally bankrupt.

It looks like open season on Newcastle again, with the club apparently happy to supply the ammunition. We await the next, seemingly inevitable, self-inflicted injury. 


Page last updated 24 June, 2009