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St.James' Park - the "new" ground

A selection of views of SJP as it is now. Click on image for a larger view.

SJP An aerial view of the completed ground from the South West. Bloody marvellous.
SJP A diagonal view across the pitch, facing South Easterly - brightness of sun unfortunately precludes full spectacle of City roofscape now visible.
SJP Looking East from the lofty heights of the Milburn Upper - note hitherto unknown Geordie relatives of sherpa Tensing within sight of the summit.
SJP Looking South from the rear section of what the club insist on calling the Sir John Hall Stand upper section, and normal people the Leazes End. 
SJP Again in Southerly direction, taking in the Milburn stand reconstruction, with two tiers of executive boxes clearly visible. This is virtually the view that away fans get. 
SJP A view from the top of the Milburn in a South Easterly direction - note the construction of the stand end, to maximise natural light, and reconstruction of East Stand paddock (aka the benches) following removal of old executive boxes.
SJP Looking East from the upper reaches of the Milburn Stand, with front section of the Gallowgate visible. Note view of City over roof of East Stand.
SJP Again looking East, but more towards halfway line - again City can be seen over roof of East Stand.
SJP From the Milburn Stand looking in a North /North-Easterly direction, and showing the sheer size of the Leazes End development.

For some more shots of the ground old and new, click here


Page last updated 24 June, 2009