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St.James' Park - the "old" ground

A selection of views of SJP as it was. Click on image for a larger view.

SJP early 60's,viewed from the North West. Note covered Leazes end, "Popular side" on Eastern side, four floodlight pylons and old stand before "Newcastle United" lettering was painted across it's length.
sjp70s-1.jpg (83584 bytes)
viewed from the South. Taken from the tower block behind the Gallowgate. The cantilevered East is in place, built in 1971.
sjp70s-2.jpg (89832 bytes)
viewed from the West. A great view of the old West Stand and the "Newcastle United" lettering.
SJP early 90's - an aerial view from the South. Note Gallowgate terrace and scoreboard still intact. Other now defunct features include the bus garage, filling station and car park in the foreground.

early 90's - still up in that chopper, and now
looking West, virtually above Leazes Terrace. Crane on right is lifting in roof sections.

early 90's - better view of construction continuing to link Milburn and Leazes stands in this aerial view looking East.

mid 90's,viewed from the back of the Gallowgate end, looking North. Note Milburn paddocks are still a standing terrace.

mid 90's,at pitch level from front of Milburn stand looking East.
SJP mid 90's,viewed from the front of the Leazes end, looking West. Milburn paddocks now removed and seating installed.
SJP late 90's, viewed from the South.


SJP late 90's, viewed from the North West.


For some more shots of the ground old and new, click here


Page last updated 24 June, 2009