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Laurent Robert Interview 20

Taken from his own official (French Language) website 29.11.01


You inflicted a heavy defeat on Ipswich, 4 - 1, in the league cup. It was a
real festival at St James' Park on Tuesday night !

Yes, It was a really good night. Bobby Robson wanted the victory,
absolutely, because he wants to bring at least one cup to Newcastle this
season. Well played very well, and we are now in the quarter final, we don't
yet know who we'll play, but when you reach this stage of the competition,
you only have one goal in mind, that's to reach the final and win it.

You were leading 4 - 0 at half time, you couldn't have dreamed for a better
start to the match.

It's true that we were very serious. We really pushed forward and that
created spaces for us. We won last week at home to Derby by scoring in the
first half, we put four away in the first 40 minutes on Tuesday night, and I
think today that some of our problems have been dealt with. Then we have to
prove that against Charlton on Saturday, then again against Ipswich next
Sunday. We'll do everything to get through these games to stay in a good
league position.

You opened the scoring on 18 minutes, can you take us through your goal?

Solano picked up the ball in midfield. I was in a deep position asking for
the ball, he made the pass and I ran with it alone, I left my marker and
fooled the keeper by putting the ball through his legs, he couldn't do

Did you have many other chances?

No not too many. I had a bad pain in my hip and I had real difficulties in
hitting the ball, then again, I saw a lot of the ball. I found that the game
in general went well for me though.

With good reason you had a few worries on Monday concerning your hip, but you
still kept your place, do you still feel any pain today?

Yes, It's still painful, but despite that, the coach still wanted me on the
pitch, he was counting on me and I gave maximum effort. Concerning the game
against Charlton on Saturday, I should keep my place. I'll maybe only play
an hour, but I don't think I'll be withdrawn.

Were you able to train this morning?

In fact, I've been here in Montpellier since yesterday, the coach gave us
two days off. I'll get some treatment and see how it responds. Bye.

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