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Laurent Robert Interview 21

Taken from his own official (French Language) website 3.12.01


You drew 1 - 1 against Charlton on Saturday, but you gave away the lead with
seven minutes to go. For you, was it one point won, or two points thrown

We lost two points. We had our chances, but we were unable to convert them.
we missed the chance to succeed. We didn't make sure in front of goal, where
there was always someone to get a foot in to stop any shots on goal. Whats
more is that we conceded a stupid goal. 

Solano was all alone and there was a breakdown in communication somewhere, he had time to control but he preferred to clear the ball. The opponent sent the ball straight back in, a Charlton player went for goal but the ball was deflected for McDonald to score. If someone would have shouted to Solano, I'm sure that the goal would have been avoided. Anyway, they equalised and we blew two points.

Has that left you feeling demoralised?

Yes, its made us feel bad, and its very annoying ! That's 30 matches without
a win in London, we could have ended this bad run too, its a shame...

How's your hip?

It's still painful, I was replaced 5 minutes before the end and this
morning, I'm still getting treatment. I'll have a scan on it this evening to
see the extent of the damage. Were playing away against Ipswich again at the
end of the week, and we have to know how fit I will be for the game, so
we'll see what comes of the scan tonight.

Hopefully it's nothing serious because you have a full schedule for December
and Newcastle are going to need you.

That's clear, there's some big games coming up, also we play Chelsea in the
quarter final of the Worthington cup.

Can you give us a word on the World Cup draw?

I think it's a good draw, after all, the teams that have qualified aren't
there by accident. We will therefore have to be cautious and take our
opponents very seriously. Concerning the semis, were sure to find ourselves
in a hard situation, but its ok, France ain't that bad a team either. Bye.

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