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Laurent Robert Interview 23

Taken from his own official (French Language) website 13.12.01


You had a scan on Monday to find out more about your lower back injury, what
was the result?

They told me that I have a slight muscle tear, but to get to the bottom of
the injury, I have come to Paris to be re-examined, in the end they
discovered that I have a bruised muscle, I have therefore started treatment
on it, and we'll see how it goes in training, I'm actually in the car now
and its 11 o clock and I don't want to be late for training. I think I'll
just do some jogging. One things for sure, I'll be present for the Blackburn
game - I definitely wont stay on the pitch for the 90 minutes, but at
least I should be able to play.

But if you play, isn't there a risk that you will aggravate the injury?

To get clear of this injury, I'll have to have a lot of treatment. It's not a problem for running, but on the other hand, I'll have to see if I can kick the ball without difficulties. We shall see how it goes, but it should be ok.

Newcastle were knocked out of the Worthington Cup yesterday by Chelsea. Did
you follow the game?

I only saw the end of the game, as I had just arrived back from Paris. When
I switched the telly on, Newcastle had just conceded the goal. It's very
disappointing to see that they had kept it to nil nil and conceded in the
dying minutes of the game like that. I don't know how they played other than
that though, we'll discuss it in training.

Liverpool played Fulham yesterday, but the Reds only managed a point (0-0)
at home. It's a result which goes in your favour.

Absolutely, It was a really good result for us. Now they are six points
ahead, and like us they have a match in hand.

You play host to Blackburn on Saturday, before playing away against Arsenal
and Leeds. This time you have no margin for error, and must win all three

Definitely, It's a very important game. With the schedule that awaits us
next week, we really have to win. If we could also take 2 maybe 3 points
next week, it would be perfect.

There is a story going around about De La Pena to Newcastle, do you know

Actually, there are some rumours, But I don't know if they will materialise.
If Newcastle are recruiting, it might be a good thing, but it's not me who
takes the decisions, its the manager and the board. I wish you a nice

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