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Laurent Robert Interview 24

Taken from his own official (French Language) website 18.12.01


You were not on the pitch in your 2-1 victory against Blackburn, where are
you concerning your injury?

It's much better, although I do feel some pain. I could have played against
Blackburn, but I wasn't at 100%, which would not have been fair on the rest
of team had I played. So I told the boss that I would prefer to sit this one
out so I could play in the games against Arsenal and Leeds, I should be on
the pitch this evening to face Arsenal though.

Did you attend the game on Saturday?

Of course. It was very difficult for me as I was unable to contribute, we
found it difficult to get a breakthrough. However, it was a different
Newcastle that came out in the second half, the team played very well and
deserved their victory.

Seeing as you were watching from the stands, how did you judge this
particular Newcastle team?

As usual, the play was very much on the right side of the pitch, and I could
see many openings on the left. We really should change the system of play so
that we can exploit both sides of the pitch. I will talk to Bobby Robson
about it to see what he has to say.

With your win and Arsenal drawing together with Liverpool losing, it's been
a good weekend for Newcastle.

It's been a very good weekend for us. There is a huge match which awaits us
tonight against Arsenal, and we really need to take at least a point from
it. It's not going to be a walk in the park, but for me it's like any other

Do you have a full squad?

Bellamy has served his suspension and he'll be back this evening, so we
should see the normal team selection out there. Got to go now.

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