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Laurent Robert Interview 25

Taken from his own official (French Language) website 19.12.01


You managed to beat Arsenal 3-1 last night, and thanks to this win you are
now joint top of the table with Liverpool. Life is good at the moment with

Yes, it was a perfect evening., They played better than us but we never gave
up, and we made the breakthrough with five minutes to go, we didn't play our
best but I'm not complaining, it was a really good night.

Without wanting to say you robbed Arsenal, it was a great win for you

That's clear. We all know of their qualities, and we knew that we had to
score at every given opportunity. As I was sitting on the bench for the
first hour I could see some openings and when I came on I profited from
that, The guys passed to me a lot, and I managed to get us back in the game,
I was very happy with my display.

You replaced Elliot on the hour, three minutes later Newcastle had
equalized. You then won a penalty on the 86th minute which Shearer
converted, then you killed them off when you scored the last goal of the
game with a low shot passed the keeper, that's what we call decisive action.

That's for sure, but ok, the main thing is that we left with a victory. For me, I was a sub because I still had a bad hip, and the boss preferred that I stay on the bench as I hadn't really played for two weeks, and when I came on I could give it everything, I'll get my place back on Saturday against Leeds, and I should be fully fit.

Finally you won in London.

Y.e.s, It's three and a half years since we last won there, that's why I'm so
happy that we beat Arsenal, which is after all, a big team.

You have a difficult game away on Saturday at Leeds, how do you think it
will go?

It's going to be a very tough game, seeing as we are the league leaders,
there is a lot of expectation, so we'll have to be very concentrated, and
bring back at least a point.

You have won 13 points from your last 5 games, you look like finishing the
year on a high..!

We're certainly on form at the moment, we had a few players out injured, and
today the squad is nearly complete, for example, Dyer was out. He's a player
who brings an enormous amount to the team, as he proved yesterday. The squad
is starting to gel now, and we have to keep going in the right direction.

Did you have a day off today?

The other players have a day off today, but I'm going in to get treatment
on my hip, I wish you a good day, and talk to you again on Monday.

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