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Laurent Robert Interview 27

Taken from his own official (French Language) website 27.12.01


After the Arsenal and Leeds games, you played Middlesbrough, whom you beat
3 - 0, How did the game unfold?

Very, very well. We won 3 - 0, but in all honesty we should have scored more
goals with all the chances we had. for that we really have to be more
decisive in front of goal, everybody had a go on goal, but it doesn't
matter, as we played well and had a good game.

Sylvain Distin played a big part in defence, is that it now, has he started
to make his mark?

It's true that Sylvain did play very well, he profited on Dabizas' injury to
get a start, but since he is here he has made his presence felt, and I hope
he plays as well in the Chelsea game on Saturday.

Did you play a part in Shearer and Speeds goals?

Not at all, to be honest, I didn't see much of the ball during the game,
which made it very difficult for me to create a chance or score a goal, once
again we played largely down the right hand side.

You experienced this problem last week, and you were counting on talking to
your coach about it, did you manage to have a word?

We had a couple of words on the subject, but we will discuss it again in
more detail in the future. Its true that the team are winning games, but I'm
sure we could do even better, I often find myself alone and unmarked, but
without the ball.

Does that explain your 4 goals since the start of the season?

Absolutely. The last pass never comes to my feet. For example, when I do a
one-two I'd really like to have the two back to me (laughs). At the moment
the play is going on more down the right side of the pitch, and I would like
to see more of the ball on the left. By discussing with the coach and the
other players, I hope there will be an improvement on Saturday against

And regarding your hip?

It's getting much better, I had practically no pain yesterday, I'll continue
the treatment, and normally the pain should go away.

You play Chelsea again on Saturday, since they lost yesterday, and they find
themselves 9 points behind Newcastle, they'll be coming to St James' park
looking for three points.

It will be a difficult game. We have to be very careful and very
concentrated. If we want to win we will have to be at our best. If we play
like we have been playing, there shouldn't be a problem.

You will come up against a player you know very well, William Gallas, what
memories do you have of him?

Its true that I've known William for a long time. In every day life he's a
real practical joker, he knows how to have a good time, and he's someone who
I appreciate very much. Concerning his football, he's putting in some big
performances for Chelsea and he's very strong defensively, we have to be
very careful of him. good bye for now.

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