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Laurent Robert Interview 29

Taken from his own official (French Language) website 07.01.02


You started back in training this morning...

(he butts in) God, it feels good to be back! I haven't been able to do anything for a whole week, now its really pleasing to be back. For the time being I'm training without the ball, we've done a lot of fitness training Sit ups etc....tomorrow morning I'll be starting with the ball again, and there you go, I'm back.

It looks like you're really happy to be back in training.

Oh yes ! A week of nothing is a real pain ! I couldn't even train in the gym, nothing. It's nice to do some running again, and I feel no effects of my hip injury. We'll see how I feel with the ball at my feet tomorrow, but I should normally be ok to train and prepare for the Leeds game.

Did you see Newcastle's victory over Crystal Palace in the FA Cup on

Yes, I was at the ground, they were playing a decent team, even though they play in the First Division. As usual we found it hard to get into the game, but it went ok. Shearer and Acuna got our goals. Olivier Bernard played instead of me, but he played more defensively than I would have played.

Are the Magpies still playing with some imbalance?

Yes it's still the same.

Did you talk about it with Bobby Robson?

Yes, we spoke this morning and we'll discuss it with the rest of the team this week, I couldn't do it today, as they have been off for a couple of days. I have my own trainer at the moment and I'm training with the juniors to be ready for the weekend.

The coming six months are very important for you, not only on a club level
but also regarding the French national squad. What are your objectives?

I need to come back with strength, and be at my best, I want to enjoy myself on the pitch and be decisive for the team, I've been having a few problems with my leg just recently, but when the problem disappears you'll see the Laurent Robert that played for PSG again. 

I have only scored four league goals, and I don't know how many completed passes I've made. I have it all to do now to improve these numbers, and the rest will follow. Newcastle should get a place in the champions league, and who knows maybe even win the cup.

Apart from that, I learned this morning in a French newspaper, I don't know which one, that I'm having problems with the trainer, and its because of that I haven't been playing recently. I don't know which journalist could have written bull**** like this, they say whatever they please. 

As for France, well that all depends on my performance for the Magpies. Talk to you
again soon.

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