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Laurent Robert Interview 30

Taken from his own official (French Language) website 11.01.02


You returned to physical training on Monday, were you able to train with the
ball the next day?

No, I continued to train in the same way. I started to practice with the ball yesterday morning. The rest of the lads had a couple of days off (Tuesday and Wednesday) I'm training back with them now as usual, and the good news is that I have not felt pain from my hip. My lower back did feel a little heavy, but that's normal as I haven't done anything in a whole week, but it should be fine for this weekend.

Are you a little apprehensive?

It's obvious that I'm not yet 100%, I'll have to play a few some games to find my rhythm again. If I continue that way, I think it will be fine in two to three matches.

Will you start against Leeds?

Normally I'll be in the team, Especially as the boss is counting on me to be fit for this one.

You will be playing the league leaders, whom you beat 4-3 in December, what
do you think about the fixture?

It's going to be a hard match. We beat them away from home in December, and they will want to get their own back. Even though Leeds are a big team, and it hasn't been going our way recently, we absolutely want to win the three points. We are one of three teams with 39 points, and Leeds have 41, and if we want to stay amongst the league leaders, we have no choice but to win the game.

The fact that Liverpool lost this week has done you a favour also.

It's true that it's a good thing for us, they stay one point behind us, and for that we must impose ourselves tomorrow.

Is there any news on the transfer front?

No, for now nobody is coming in, however one our players has gone on loan to Spain. I must leave you to go to some training. talk to you on Monday.

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