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Laurent Robert Interview 31

Taken from his own official (French Language) website 14.01.02


Newcastle played really well once again at St James' Park by beating Leeds 3 - 1. How was your performance in the game?

I found that it went really well, seeing as I haven't been playing regularly recently. And what's more is that I didn't feel anything concerning my injury, which I've been carrying in games for the last couple of weeks. I managed to get a few decent crosses in, but I was being marked quite tightly. I took a few knocks and I still have the marks to prove it. Maybe you saw it on Canal+. I've a fat lip....(laughs).

It's true that you did have some rough treatment.

It went a little over the top, but it's ok, I didn't break anything, and we got all three points.

Leeds opened the scoring in the first minute with a Smith goal. How did the team react to this?

To concede a goal in the first minute is a little unusual. But it gave us a wake up call, which forced us to put pressure on them, and we managed to score before the break, which is a great morale booster.

And in the second half?

We played in our usual 4-4-2 formation, and we created many chances. In fact we continued to push forward this way, and it paid off.

In which areas must you improve to further increase your performance as a team?

To begin with, I think that we put in a good performance on Saturday. And for once we played well both down the left and right sides of the pitch. 

Now we must continue in that direction. We must have the same success in front of goal, even though Bellamy did miss a great opportunity with a one on one with the keeper. We have to hold on to that aggressiveness, and if we do, we can go far.

Does it surprise you that the French media barely even mention Newcastle's
formidable presence in the Premiership?

That is what I said on Canal+ on Saturday evening. I spoke of the newspaper that wrote bad things about me last week. Certain journalists have nothing to say about me, yet they write whatever they want in the press, and what's more is that they find it really annoying that Newcastle are equal in points with Manchester at the top of the table. And as they cant find anything to say about me, they have decided to slaughter me in the press, so I decided I had to put these little people in their place.

One thing I'm certain of, Newcastle certainly merit their position in the league.

What did you get up to today?

I've just finished training. I ate at the training ground, and now I'm
driving home with my son, after having just picked him up from school. We'll
soon be home, and for me it's the end of the day. So talk to you again.

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