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Laurent Robert Interview 32

Taken from his own official (French Language) website 17.01.02


You'll be playing Leicester away this Saturday, what's the team spirit like
going into the game after defeating Leeds last week?

It's really important that we have the same high spirit going into this game
too. Leicester are actually bottom of the league but that doesn't give us
the right to be complacent. It's going to be a difficult game. The thing is,
there's a lot of expectation of us now. It's entirely up to us to go in
there, play our game and come away with all the points.

Is it important that Newcastle a run of wins going?

Yes. There isn't a lot between the teams at the moment, and you have to win
every game possible, and every point counts when you add them up at the end
of the season.

Leicester's play is typically British, is it a problem for you?

It isn't a problem for me. We have already beaten them at home, we have to
be vigilant and take the game seriously, and we should be ok.

Do you still find it difficult due to the physicality of the premiership?
I'm well integrated now. It's the way they play football here and it's up to
the ref to make judgment on whether the fouls are severe or not. As for
Mills' action last weekend, I've forgotten about that now, I'm just looking
ahead to the next game.

Is it like that in training?

Oh yes, it's the same (laughs).

It seems that the referees are often harsher on foreign players in the
premiership. Have you already experienced that?

No, not at all, I've never had a problem with the English refs. They do
their job, and I do mine and that's the end of it.

What has Bobby Robson been working on in training with you?

This morning, we were working on attacking-defending. Then we did a lot of
work in front of the goal, and we worked a lot on crosses. It lasted two
hours, and now we're ready to face the Leicester defence on Saturday.

How do you feel physically?

My back feels much better now, I had absolutely no twitches or pain in
training this week. Everything is going really well.

There is a Newcastle player who's unknown in France and he plays a
predominant role in the team. his name is Dyer. What does he bring to
Newcastle's play?

He has been injured for a long time, and has only just come back from his
injury. He's a full England international midfield player. He's the marathon
man of the team, he runs everywhere, and is always finding good positions.
He's not a big or sturdy bloke, but he does an enormous amount of work for
the team. He will bring us a new attacking dimension to the last half of the
season. talk to you soon.

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