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Laurent Robert Interview 33

Taken from his own official (French Language) website 22.01.02


You drew 0-0 against Leicester on Saturday. Did you not have the possibility
to bring back a better result?

Well yes, because we had some chances. The only problem, Leicester are at
the bottom of the premiership and they played with eleven in defence. We
were unable to find an opening in their defence during the whole match. It's
difficult to score a goal when you are faced with a team who were playing so
protectively in defence.

In the second half of the game you managed to get in a perfect cross from
the edge of the box which Alan Shearer couldn't.....

He missed a great chance. There were other chances too, but then again,
bringing back one point isn't that bad. With the way we play now, we
honestly could've won all three points though, but that's the way it goes.

What was Bobby Robson's analysis of the game?

He wanted the three points. Seeing as Manchester are on a winning streak, we
really should have won to not lose sight of them. They are playing again
tonight against Liverpool, a draw would be perfect for us.

And for you, how are you feeling?

I'm feeling better and better every game. I no longer have those niggling
muscular problems and it's really nice to play without feeling pain. I can
now go out and enjoy my game and take shots on goal, as you saw on the tv on
Saturday. All I need now is to get a string of games together to get my
touch and rhythm back and to score some goals.

The premiership is really tight at the moment, the top five teams are within
five points of each other and it's really a process of elimination now.
There really is no margin for error, in any of the games.

Absolutely. It's down to the team who cracks first. If you want to stay in
the race, then you really must not lose. What's more is that Manchester have
hit top form and I know that it's going to be very difficult.

You're in Montpellier at the moment, when do you go back to Newcastle?

Thursday. Seeing as I'm suspended for the FA cup tie, The boss has given me
a four day break. We play Peterborough in the quarter final, they're a
second division club. I'm suspended for the match due to my fifth yellow
card, so they will therefore have to play without me. bye.

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