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Laurent Robert Interview 34

Taken from his own official (French Language) website 25.01.02


You watched the Montpellier-Auxerre game on Wednesday night (0-0) We can't
say that Montpellier made too many chances for themselves.

It's clear that they didn't have too many chances yes. They did push them
though, but were not able to break them down, and there were a few heated
moments. They always had a defender there to clear any danger, but I still
think they deserved to win.

What did you think of Auxerre?

As usual away from home, defensive. They played with 10 behind the ball, and
thats why they found it difficult to get a goal.

Lets get back to the premiership. Arsenal beat Leicester 3-1 and thanks to
that they sit second in the league and that means there's only three points
between the leaders and fifth place. the league is totally crazy at the

It's true that so far it's been totally mad. And now people have high
expectations of us, we have to be very concentrated to win as many points as
we can to not loose sight of the top. It's all very exciting. But nobody
expected us to do so well. It proves that we have a very good squad.

How do you see the rest of the season going?

I feel it's going to be very difficult. We are about five teams going for
the title, and they are all big teams so when we play Arsenal at home and
Liverpool away, we can't make mistakes. We already lost two points at
Leicester last week, so we can't afford any more errors.

So, who will crack first?

I don't know, nobody wants to let go of the bit, especially us. If I'm still
here, I want to be playing in the Champions League next season, I think that
it's going to be a very nerve-racking end to the season.

You should be in training at at 10 o clock, so you're late....

No no, I'm here and I've changed into my kit whilst talking to you, so I'm

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