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Laurent Robert Interview 35

Taken from his own official (French Language) website 28.01.02


You were suspended for the 4th round FA cup tie against Peterborough at the
weekend, which you won 4-2. Did you follow the game?

No I didn't get to see the game, neither did I travel there with the lads. I know how the game went though. We were winning 2-0 then O'Brien popped up with a goal and from then on the crowd were behind their team pushing them on all the way, they levelled with a second, but luckily with a quarter of an hour to go we got a third then a fourth. 

All in all you could say that it was a hard game for Newcastle.

You really needed to avoid a draw.

Yes. At the moment we have a game every three days and it's important not to add any more games to our calendar.

Who replaced you on the left?

Olivier Bernard, as usual. He came off with a quarter of an hour to go, after having done his job.

When you don't travel with the squad do the club set up a special training session for you?

No, just normal training. I was resting on Sunday, but on the Saturday, I trained more than the others. I did some endurance work to keep my rhythm going.

You will play Man City in the 5th round. It will be a chance to see Ali Benarbia again.

Yes, he phoned me last night, he's very happy to be drawn against us, it's going to be a great game. Man City are at the top of the first division. (he stops talking) Sylvain go get out of here you're disturbing me!

Are you coming from the training ground?

No, no...I've come to Sylvain Distin's house to borrow some DVD's, as he's got a good collection.

You're playing on Wednesday at Tottenham in the league. Was it nice to have
the weekend off?

Oh yes, I've started the week in good shape, Wednesday at Tottenham and then at home to Bolton on Saturday, these are the important games that we have to take three points from, to stay in race at the top. Bye

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