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Laurent Robert Interview 36

Taken from his own official (French Language) website 31.01.02


You beat Tottenham 3-1 yesterday, so you stay in 3rd place in the league 2 points behind Manchester. It was a positive night, you're still on course for winning the title.

Yes, it's perfect. We did however start the game very badly. Tottenham opened the scoring after around a quarter of an hour, and we suffered the first half. For the first time this season we changed our form. We played a 3-5-2 and we found it difficult. We didn't have a really good passer of the ball. Speed, Lee and Dyer were all injured, and the team on the field were a little young. 

As for me, I was sub. Bobby Robson told me that he preferred to let me sit on the bench as I hadn't trained a lot the week before. However the shape of the game changed in the second half.

Bobby Robson asked me to come on in the second half. I replaced Elliot on the left and luckily for me I had Sylvain playing behind to take care of the defensive duties.. He did a lot of work. We equalized after 20 minutes with an Acuna header.

I had a few chances afterwards too, but Bellamy should have passed me the ball more often....(laughs) on one occasion I would have been one on one with the keeper, but he preferred to take a shot himself, but I'm just being picky there.

But when you're playing the top teams, these little details are very important. The next goal came from a move down the left between me and Bellamy who passed a defender and crossed the ball to where Shearer was waiting to put the ball in the back of the net. Bellamy then went on to score the third goal.

Your introduction was a decisive one?

As it was against Arsenal, my coming on opened up the play, I was being
marked heavily which opens up spaces elswhere on the pitch.

All that's missing from your game now is score more goals.

Exactly, I hope to do so against Bolton on Saturday. It's going to be a
really tough game as they have just lost 4-0 against Manchester. As for me I
feel good physically and am looking forward to being on the pitch and score
some goals.

How will you organize yourselves between now and Saturday?

It's imperative that we win all three points on Saturday, we aren't looking
at what the others are doing as that's the easiest way to get distracted . We
will play for us then we can count up all the point at the end. I can't talk
to you today about my column, but will do so in the next interview ok. have
a good week.

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