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Laurent Robert Interview 37

Taken from his own official (French Language) website 04.02.02


Newcastle won 3 - 2 at home against Bolton on Saturday. You had to come from
behind twice, and you weren't far from a catastrophe...

No, not at all. It's true that we conceded two goals due to errors and lack of concentration but on a whole we played very well. We had many chances, and the score line could have been heavier. Honestly though, we did merit the win.

Talking about you, how did you feel during the game?

Very good. It was one of the best games I've had since the start of the season, both defensively as well as attackingly. I saw a lot of the ball and had a good match, it was very pleasing.

You had a really good shot on goal...

Yes, I hit it very nicely, but the keeper made a good save, I also had a few other chances that went wide but not far from the posts.

What were your tactics?

Always the same. We played 4-4-2. With Distin playing at left back, just behind me. It was a lot easier regarding communication than with Elliott. When I've been playing with him recently, he's always 15 meters behind me and I receive the ball a lot less. With Distin, it's easier and everyone saw that in the game.

You have an excellent position in the league, second place, with only two
points behind Manchester, who have played a game more than you.

It's very good for us but we have to remain concentrated. There's a lot of expectation on us now, and it's up to us to remain in this position.

How was training this morning?

I'm actually in Montpellier at the moment, I should have gone back to Newcastle this evening but my son, Mathieu, is sick, He's got a temperature of 40 deg and he's been that way now for the last 10 days. After the stomach bug came the flu. Bobby Robson has told me to stay here until Wednesday, then I'll be back in training with Newcastle on Thursday. 

I will be present at the Montpellier training session tomorrow morning where I will see my little brother. Concerning my Column "mes plans à la Réunion", I'll speak to you on Thursday, I assure you that it will be online. 

I'll speak about Restaurants and beaches....I'm sorry but I have to take the lad to a doctor now.

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