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Laurent Robert Interview 38

Taken from his own official (French Language) website 07.02.02


Roger Lemerre made his squad selection for the Romania game next Wednesday,
and you're not in it, are you disappointed?

Of course. I thought I might be in with a chance, but no...I will continue to work with Newcastle and wait until the next time the blues get together. In any case , I don't see what more I can do at the moment. Maybe score a few more goals, other than that...We are having a fantastic season at Newcastle, and we have to keep pushing all the way. I will put all my concentration into that.

Roger Lemerre is relying heavily on the same squad that won both the World
and European cups to build his team. Do you understand this decision?

Completely. He's picked the best of the bunch, as you would in a club. There are still however, two to three places left to fill for the world cup. If I'm called up to be the 23rd man, I'll be the happiest man in the team. It's true that it could appear to be surprising to see Christophe Dugarry in this game even though he has been injured for months but I respect Roger Lemerre's choices.

You arrived back yesterday from Montpellier, how did the training go this morning?

Good. We did some work on set pieces. We were split into four teams, and we finished off with a little tournament. It was nice.

A new player joined Newcastle this week, Jermaine Jenas.

Yes, I met him this morning. He's a young English midfield player who came from a first division club, he's compensating for the absence of Kieron Dyer who's still out injured. Other than that, Warren Barton left for Derby County, who has been joined by Rob Lee who signed for them today.

You will face Southampton this weekend, do you have any injuries?

Other than Dyer, nobody. I know for a fact that Jenas will be in the squad. Since your last interview, you told us that you found it easier to play with Distin behind you rather than Elliot. There was better communication. An English web surfer left a message on the forum explaining how this story was relayed in the English press. 

Have you had any feedback on this?

No, I haven't even spoken to the press. I've only spoken to Bobby Robson, his assistant and "sportifsonline". bye. 

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