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Laurent Robert Interview 39

Taken from his own official (French Language) website 11.02.02


You beat Southampton 3-1 at St James' park on Saturday, and you opened the scoring in the first half with a cracking free kick from 30 yards out. It was a nice day for you and the Magpies.. 

As usual, it was a very good afternoon, but with the goal I scored it was even better. The last time I scored mind you was in December, so it was very pleasing indeed. I'm feeling more and more a part of the team but I'm aware that I need to do work a little harder to bring more to the team.

What was going through your head before you smacked the free kick? 

As I was thirty yards out, I didn't have too many options. All I could do was hit the thing hard and try to get it on target, and it went in. It went off like a cannon ball, and the keeper must have seen it flying toward him, rapidly (laughs) 

How did the game unfold? 

It was very tight. We went into the dressing rooms with a lead, but I thought we weren't very strong defensively or in midfield. With having the advantage of a two goal lead it was easier for us in the second half, and we controlled the game until the final whistle. 

After all that was said on your 'forum' regarding Sylvain Distin, your play didn't go as well as it did last week. 

No, it wasn't that the game was being played more down the right and we didn't see too much of the ball, However we did a lot of work defensively. 

You're still two points behind Manchester United, today, we can say that the title will be between you MU, Arsenal and Liverpool. 

It's true that Chelsea and Leeds are a way behind. But on our side, we can't work that way, we don't need distractions on how the other teams are playing, we just go into every game wanting the three points, and that's what we will do until the the last game of the season. 

You will play Manchester City in the FA cup on Sunday, how will you organise yourselves? 

We will train every second day, and as of Friday we will train as normal. 

Bellamy's having a few difficulties at the moment, is he training with you this week? 

No, because he's on international duty. However I know for a fact that he's received a hell of a bill for his troubles. We're talking one million Francs here....I don't know what happened, if he did some stupid things or not, he paid for it, and that's that, anyway it's his problem not mine. That's it for today, I'll talk to you again on Thursday.

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