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Laurent Robert Interview 40

Taken from his own official (French Language) website 14.02.02


France beat Romania 2-1 yesterday in the 'Stade de France'. What did you think of the game? 

I didn't watch the whole game, only the first half and the end of the game. I thought it was a tight match. Romania played very well. Luckily Ramé stopped the penalty, otherwise the game could have turned out very differently. 

We imagine that you watched with some interest how France played in attack? 

No not especially. I watched how they played as a team, I thought that Dugarry and Henry were a little isolated up front. Dugarry was even playing mostly in midfield, and of what I saw, Henry was was used very little. 

Trezeguet is the top scorer in the Champions league yet he hasn't managed to make his mark on international football... 

I was very surprised to see him sitting on the bench again. As I'm not in the squad, I don't know what went on. Everybody goes on about how well he gets on with Henry, but we never see them together on the pitch, I find it very surprising. 

The next French game will be at the end of March in the Stade de France, where they play Scotland. Obviously, your objective is to be in this squad. 

I will be doing everything I can so that Roger Lemerre will give me a call, like I said last week, I have to keep playing well for my club. 

You play Manchester City in the cup this weekend. What does Bobby Robson have planned for this game? 

I haven't a clue. We trained every second day this week, and with the international games, we didn't have the full squad. We regroup tomorrow and we shall see what Bobby Robson has in mind then. 

The FA cup is a very special event in England. 

Yes it's a very sought-after bit of silverware. This weekend we will play against Newcastle's old boss and we expect a big game, and as we drew at home, we have no choice, we must win. 

And you will meet up with Ali Benarbia again. 

Not even ! the silly cretin is suspended. I phoned him earlier in the week and he won't even travel with the squad as his boss has given him a week off. 

How is Jermaine Jenas settling in? 

We call him JJ. He's been with the under 21's since the start of the week, I was able to train with him last week, and he really isn't bad. Now we have to see how he handles a game. He's got good technique, well on the ball, but he has a lot still to learn. 

Anything else to add? 

No nothing special, but that Sylvain and Olivier were photographed coming out of a nightclub (laughs). As we're on course for the title, we are being watched very closely by the journalists and photographers. They're trying to break us. They tired to get to Bellamy, and then all they had left was to go for Sylvain and Olivier. The boss has had a few words with us about it. He said we can eat out have a little drink, but not be back too late, and watch what we're doing. 

You haven't had a problems yourself? 

I'm sensible me. When I go out with my wife, they can take photos of us if they want, it doesn't bother us at all (laughs). Right i'm off, talk to you Monday. 

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