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Laurent Robert Interview 44

Taken from his own official (French Language) website 01.03.02


You will be faced with a big confrontation against Arsenal this weekend at St James' Park. The gunners are on form at the moment. They've won both of their last two games, 4-1 against Fulham and Leverkusen. How do you plan to handle them? 

By playing as we normally do when were at home. The game is going to be a very difficult one, and they will have it in the back of their minds that we beat them 3-1 on their own ground. They will want to take their revenge. We've been preparing all week in training and getting the team formation right, we are now ready for them, and should get at least a point out of the game and avoid a defeat.

You must be really happy to be playing in such a game.

Of course. It's the reason that I came to play in England, What's more is that we play in front of a great crowd who are always coming to encourage us and tomorrow, we'll try and give them what they want.

You must have some good memories of the away game.

Yes, I scored the last goal, and won a penalty, I hope that it will go as well as that tomorrow.

Both the media and the Arsenal players say that when Vieira is having a good game the Gunners are having a good game. Does that mean that you have an "anti-Vieira" tactic planned? 

No, not at all, we will be strong in midfield, and we can also play our football very well. We'll be fine...(laughs)

Do you have any selection difficulties due to Craig Bellamy's injury?

No, we have Lua Lua or maybe Cort to replace him, we'll see. 

There are many people who regularly visit the "forum" who want to know more about what happened to you on a certain flight. 

It's incredible, and really ridiculous but all the blame fell on me. What happened was this, I was sitting in a tiny airplane heading for Paris, and I had my hand luggage with me which contained my T-shirt toiletries etc....

I had no problem at the security control checkpoint before boarding the aircraft. Once inside I had no room neither next to me or in the locker above my head, so I put my luggage on the seat behind me. I fell asleep, and some time afterwards, I awoke thinking we were making our decent into Paris. We landed, but the plane came to a stop right in the middle of the runway. 

The police came aboard, and made everybody get off. I went to take my bag, but it was no longer there. I asked the air hostess where it was and she asked me to describe it to her. I went to the back of the aircraft with the hostess and the police to get my bag, in fact they thought it had a bomb inside it. (laughs) it was surreal. If my luggage was that suspicious they wouldn't have let me on in the first place. 

I heard that they had announced it over the tannoy, but it must have been when I was sleeping, anyway, I didn't hear the announcement. Thankfully, it ended well. Talk again soon.

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