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Laurent Robert Interview 46

Taken from his own official (French Language) website 07.03.02


Newcastle were beaten yesterday 3-0. Were the Reds just too strong for you?

We had a bad game for the second time this season against a Liverpool team who pass the ball around very nicely. Their pace up front means they have a lot of chances. It was difficult for us and the defeat was merited. To concede three goals is bad, but yesterday, we didn't really attack with the ball. But they however did make many chances for themselves, and they were bound to find a way through after a certain period playing like that.

Is it a problem of not being aggressive enough?

We weren't really in the game defensively, and if we let them play, it makes it all the much easier for their strikers.

How did the game go for you?

I had a good game. I had a good free kick in the first half and had a good game going 
forward, but at the moment we can't score goals. we just have to keep working on it in training. Bellamy's absence is a problem for us though. We're missing some pace up front and he brings a lot to the team with his incessant pressing.

How is your partnership with Distin going on the left?

We did a lot of work on the left hand side Sylvain always cut's inside and my job was to cover on the outside. The goals that were conceded came from the right or down the middle. Liverpool played with three up front which was a problem for us, but Sylvain and me did our job correctly.

What did you think of Liverpool?

They're strong. Their strikers saw a lot of the ball, with a lot of good passes going in. What's more is that they all have pace which makes a difference, they have a very nice formation.

And Anelka?

We had a quick chat before and just after the game, it looks to be going well for him..

You have lost two of your last two games. Regarding the other teams at the top of the table you're starting to slip.

We're six points behind the league leaders at the moment. We have a game in hand over Liverpool and Manchester so we really need to regain our form to stay up there with the others. 

Are you looking over you shoulder at the teams behind you in the table?

Yes but we aren't focusing on Leeds and Chelsea's results. The fist thing is to start scoring goals again before thinking of winning the league.

Arsenal are back at St James' this weekend for the FA cup quarter final. there's only a week since they beat you there 2-0. Was it a game to forget? 

No we should use that and try to get our own back. We should block them from going forward and pass the ball around a bit better. Then the chances will come as a matter of course.

How do you feel physically at the moment?

I feel perfect. To play a string of games like that has done me a world of good and I'll be ready to beat Arsenal on Sunday.

Has the team's morale been affected?

After having gone through what we have, of course we have been affected, But it's ok, Luckily we'll play the next game soon enough. Bye. 

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