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Laurent Robert Interview 50

Taken from his own official (French Language) website 21.03.02


This morning Roger Lemerre announced the French squad to play Scotland in the international friendly next Wednesday. What's your reaction to being left out of this squad?

I am not aware of this news. I've just finished training and went to get my son from school. So I have just learnt this from you now.

Roger Lemerre picked Steve Marlet to replace Christophe Dugarry. After your recent performances in the past couple of weeks, you must feel a little disappointed?

It's true that things have been going well for me of late. I was hoping that they would have called me. I really thought I could make the squad. I'm disappointed, of course.

With two months to go until the World Cup, the situation is becoming delicate..

I wont give up hope. With my performances for Newcastle, anything is possible. Even given the fact that 95% of the squad is certain, we don't know what might happen. 

Which other position still remains vacant do you think?

I think that there is still one place in attack to fill. I don't wish an injury on anybody, but these physical problems can come up without warning. Thierry Henry benefited from such an injury to get his place in the squad in 1998. So I will remain ready until the final moment.

Does it surprise you that Steve Marlet got into the squad?

I haven't really faced him on the pitch that often, he's been injured a lot and hasn't played that much. It doesn't bother me so much that he has been selected, but I am disappointed that I didn't get a place. I'll keep working as hard as ever though.

You'll face Arsenal in the replay of the FA Cup quarter final this weekend. Did you watch the Gunners play Juventus yesterday?

Yes, I saw the game. The English didn't have much luck. Thierry Henry wont be playing against us this weekend, as he still has one game left on his ban to serve.

With respect to you, that's a good thing.

Yes, but we have to be totally committed to get through to the next round. Even though Henry's not playing the other players will give it everything they've got.

This game against Arsenal is very important. It's a way of bringing some silverware to Newcastle this year.

Yes, absolutely. We go there to win. We've worked very hard this week. I think that we'll be very competitive, both tactically as well as physically this Saturday. Bye.

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