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Laurent Robert Interview 54

Taken from his own official (French Language) website 03.04.02


Newcastle drew 1-1 with Aston Villa yesterday, how do you feel about this result?

I said that we could have won this match, but once again, we didn't take our chances, if we had played a little simpler with togetherness then we could have come back with all three points. We threw the ball forward, and the ball was played largely down the right. I found myself in spaces all alone, but no ball. I find that a shame.

What's more is that you were in the lead with Shearer's third minute opener.

The goal came from a cross on the left, and as usual, we didn't close down the players, we were two on one and they still got the ball in. Crouch, who's at least 2 metres tall, beat Dabizas to score the equaliser. As I said, if they would have played the ball down the left a little more often, we could have done something. Many times I found myself in front of Schmeichel. It's frustrating, very frustrating.

Did you have a hand in Shearer's goal?

Yes I did, I was outside the box and decided to take a chance and shoot at goal, but I hit the post, the ball then fell to Alan's feet, and all he had to do was slide the ball in to the back of the net.

What news do you have on your health?

It's ok, I have swollen glands at the moment, but the doctor's put me on a course of antibiotics. The coach has given me the day off to rest, but I will be back for the game against Fulham on Monday where I should keep my place.

There is a gap developing between yourselves and the other three teams above you in the league now.

Yes it's true, but in England, it's the first four teams that qualify for the champions league, we're three points ahead of Chelsea and six points ahead of Leeds, so we'll keep pushing to keep a place in the top four. Bye. 

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