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Laurent Robert Interview 55

Taken from his own official (French Language) website 09.04.02


Newcastle only managed a draw at home yesterday against Fulham (1-1). As a result Chelsea are now only one point behind you, with only four games left in the league, the blues are putting more and more pressure on you.

It's true that they are pushing more and more behind us. And I'm also wary of Leeds, because even if their in fifth place, they will only be four points behind us. It will all go very quickly now and we must end the season on a perfect note. Firstly by winning this weekend at Derby. We go there with the objective to win the three points. We play every game as it comes now.

Have you spoken as a team about getting it right?

Totally. We have spoken in depth, and I can tell you that we are all aware of the importance of the end of the season.

How did the Fulham game go?

We started off well, pushing them back. We got the goal thanks to Dyer and we deserved the lead in the first half. Fulham got back in the game in the second half and they had many chances to get the equaliser. On our side we ended the game with only one attacker. Cort was replaced by a midfielder and I think the coach did this to preserve the scoreline as it was.

And what sort of game did you have?

I worked hard defensively. The only regret I have is that we didn't manage to play like we did against Ipswich the previous week. But it was a difficult game as Fulham came to play for a draw. concerning my injury, it's getting better, I have no more pain in my lower back but I'll keep working, as we have the day off tomorrow, I'll go to the gym to do some training.

You passed by the "Camp des Loges" last week. Did you have time to see many people? 

I saw the president, Gasset, Fernandez....we spoke about PSG, and Newcastle. The championship is going to be hard for them also and I hope that they win a place in the Champions league. I ate in the new PSG Restaurant too, and they have a new shop there, and it's all very nice. They've only just opened it and the shop is truly magnificent. I reckon it's a really good thing for the Parisian people.

Ali Benarbia and Manchester City will be playing in the Premiership next season. Ali is someone who you appreciate enormously.

Yes, I talk to him at least once a week on the phone. He's very happy with his English experience. We played them in the cup and they are a nice side. I think that they can do a lot of harm next season. Bye.

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