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Laurent Robert Interview 56

Taken from his own official (French Language) website 12.04.02


Roger Lemerre announced his squad selection for the friendly against Russia yesterday and you're not in the squad. Do you understand the squad selection?

Yes and no. I know that there are spaces reserved in the squad for the world and European cup winners, and that there have been very few changes since Euro 2000, and to win a place in this squad is far from easy. 

I fully understand Lemerre's choice as the results have proved him right. On my side even if I'm disappointed there's no one to blame. I wont let it get me down, There is always the slight hope that even if I have to be the 23rd player, it will be with pleasure. 

Other than that, I will do everything that I can to help Newcastle into the Champions League. The priority today is the match against Derby County this weekend. 

Have you had a chance to speak to Roger Lemerre?

No, not at all. Nobody has contacted me, and as I'm not the type of person to go looking for an explanation, I'll accept it and ask no questions. Honestly, there's no problem. I prefer to specify that, otherwise I'll be reading about myself again that I don't understand the manager (laughs)

But didn't you say that they're missing a left sided player in this squad?

Everybody said it. Since Robert (Pires) injured himself, they need a left sided player. But like I've already told you, I won't lose hope, and who knows, they might just phone before they leave! (laughs)

Let's get back to the premiership. You play Derby County tomorrow, who are 19th in the league. How has your weeks training been coming along?

As usual, very steady. We spoke a lot about the draw with Fulham. We lost two points and we really need to take them back tomorrow. We have two games in hand over Chelsea, and it's the time to make a difference.

Which team will be fielded tomorrow?

Normally it should be the same as against Fulham. But I can't be sure for now as the coach hasn't revealed the team yet.

David Beckham was badly injured on Wednesday in a Champions league game. What have the repercussions been like in England due to this?

It's in all the newspapers. And today, we have a big photo of his foot on the front page, it's serious, I'm not joking! It's a big loss for the English, but after what I've read he should be ready for the world cup. It will be close, but should be ok.

This evening sees the classic league game between Marseille and PSG. What memories do you have of these games?

It really is a game apart. Last year we won 2-0 at home. I remember it very well as I scored the opening goal, on the other hand we lost 1-0 away. I only managed to come on at the end of that game, as it was at the time when I was being frozen out by Fernandez. Anyway, the game tonight will be very heated. Marseille have nothing left go for, so they must win whereas Paris are going for a Champions league spot. I'll go for a draw but I think it will be an open game and we might see an interesting encounter. Have a good weekend.

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