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Laurent Robert Interview 58

Taken from his own official (French Language) website 18.04.02


Newcastle face Charlton this weekend at St James' Park, what kind of game are you expecting?

It's going to be difficult, but the win is a must if we want to obtain our ticket to the Champions League. Charlton don't have a very good league position, and they need the points, We therefore have to be careful, but we are at home, so we should win. Like all the other games, this one will be a challenge physically. It's up to us to take control of the game from the very first minute, then we must have good movement and create spaces and chances to score some goals.

Chelsea play Manchester United. The result of this game could help to widen the gap between you in the table.

Absolutely, despite all that we're still counting on the game in hand, but if we can increase the gap before the game is played then it's even better.

How do you feel physically?

I'm fit, and there are no worries.

Do you have any injuries?

There have been a few players who were playing international games in midweek, so we have to wait and see if they are ok. Other than that, Shearer got injured but trained this morning. He will therefore be there this weekend.

The English championship is split in two. There are six teams at the top and the rest are 13 points behind the sixth spot, how do you explain that? 

The teams in mid table have a slight complex facing the bigger teams, they don't play in a liberal way and they tend to curl up in defence. Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool are the type of teams that go all out and push for the win all the time, and they don't get preoccupied by the teams that they're facing. For us, we had a good start to the season, and now we don't have to run to catch up. We're fourth but we could have done even better. We got fatigued at the start of this year and we lost our way a little. But we're still fourth and we've had a good season. 

On your chat room, they are talking a lot about your departure to Chelsea....

They are also talking about it here in England, but there's still a long way until the end of the season. I want to finish the season well and await to see the objectives of the club, meaning a Champions League place. I have a contract here at Newcastle which I am very happy with. So there you go, enough for today, I have to go get my kids. Bye.

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