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Laurent Robert Interview 60

Taken from his own official (French Language) website 24.04.02


Newcastle got a draw yesterday, 2-2, away to Blackburn. You're now sure to qualify for the qualification round of the Champions League. How was the atmosphere afterwards ?

A big party, it was all planned just in case, there was champagne on the bus back. At the start of the season the Champions league was not the main goal for Newcastle, the manager and chairman were hoping to get a place in the UEFA Cup. Personally I wanted to finish in the top four, and we did it. Its a great thing for Newcastle as well as myself, considering its my first season in England.

On Saturday against West Ham, the St James Park crowd should give you all a welcome in line with your achievements.

Yes, we're really looking forward to it. We'll try to win it for them, to thank them for their support all year. It will be a great party.

Is it still possible to catch Arsenal, Liverpool et Manchester ? 

No, not now. It would have been necessary to win last night, but now we're f*#cked However, that won't stop us from trying our hardest for the last two matches.

How did you read last nights match ?

There was a lot of good football and a lot of commitment. They were always there or thereabouts but we should have won it. Over the 90 minutes we had superior possession, but we let ourselves down with the last ball and our shooting. They saved several times on their goal line.

Were you happy with your performance ?

Particularly the second half. With the arrival of Oliver Bernard I saw a lot more of the ball. It was good. I got a yellow card but the foul wasn't dirty. I did a slide tackle, aimed at getting the ball, but the referee thought I went in too hard. As the game was close and the players and crowd were getting more and more committed, I think he booked me to try to calm things down a little. 

Is today a rest day?

Yes, we got back at 2am. The weather is beautiful today so I'm going to make the most of it and go out with the family. Back to training with the lads tomorrow. Speak to you soon.

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