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Laurent Robert Interview 62

Taken from his own official (French Language) website 07.05.02


The final list of 23 players for the World Cup was released this morning and, as you thought, you're not in the group.

I'm disappointed but its not a big surprise. This season I've done everything possible to be in the squad so I've no reason to be unhappy with my efforts. Overall, I had a good season with Newcastle. Looking on the bright side, I'm now going to be able to enjoy some nice long holidays. That will be good for me as I really need them. 

What didn't you do right to miss out on the French squad ?

I don't know... Don't forget France are World and European champions so its very difficult to win a place in the squad. 

Any regrets for having signed for Newcastle ? A club that doesn't get the media coverage in France of say Arsenal or Manchester ?

Not at all. Everything went really well this season so there's nothing to regret. In fact, we qualified for the Champions League so I'm very proud of my choice to come here. Its true that in France, there's not a lot of coverage of me or Newcastle but that doesn't make me regret coming here. Also, Roger Lemerre does not need the media to find out about what I'm up to. We've known each other for a while now and if he was interested he'd know where to find me. 

Was the selection of Djibril Cissť (Auxerre) a surprise to you ?

Its good that he gets a chance. He had a great season, finishing as he did, top scorer in France along with Pauleta (Bordeaux). In theory there were a number of experienced players ahead of him, like Nicolas Anelka, but the coach has made his choice. 

Saturday, is the last league game in England. You're playing Southampton. Is this a pressure free match ?

Yes, it should be an easy game. Of course, we still want to win it and we will go all out to get the points. 

And afterwards, how will you organise your holidays ?

After the match, I'm leaving directly for Montpellier for a few days. Then, some family holidays. In May, I will probably go to Martinique and Guadeloupe to take part in the black-stars tournament. Talk to you soon. 

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