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Laurent Robert Interview 64

Taken from his own official (French Language) website 11.06.02


Did you watch France get beaten by Denmark ? 

No, I didn't manage to get up. I got home in the early hours and needed the sleep (laughs). As I haven't stopped moving about a lot during my holidays to date I haven't had the chance to see even one match. Its very difficult to give an informed opinion as to our exit, but having said that I am very surprised at the lack of penetration up front. I don't know what happened but with the excellent forwards in the team, its really sad to have been knocked out. I imagine that at the minute, its very tough on the squad. From now on, we'll need to look at everything again.

And you, any news from Newcastle ? 

Absolutely none. My mobile has generally been off and I've not heard one thing about next season. In any case, I hope we buy someone because we'll really need to if we're going to do well in the Champions League, not to mention the Championship.

What have you been up to during your holidays?

As I was saying in the last interview, I went to Guadeloupe and Martinique for the Black Stars tournament. Afterwards I went to Morocco, where I spent 5 days in Marrakech with the family. Sunday night, I got back from the Maldives. I also stopped off in Singapore with Ali Benarbia and his wife. I'm currently in Montpellier for a few days.

Didn't you do something in Carcassonne... 

Ah yes, exactly. There was a charity day organised for handicapped children. I was there last year and I absolutely wanted to go back to help them raise as much money as possible. I know the organisers quite well and cut short my holiday in Morocco to take part.

What are you up to in the coming days ?

I'm leaving at the end of the week to go to St-Tropez with Ali Benarbia. We're going to take part in a beach-football tournament. We'll be there for four days and afterwards I'm going to take a break with the family in Portugal. Our children's baby-sitter is Portuguese and we're going to pay them a visit. As you can tell the holidays have been pretty active, but I've had a great time.

When do we next talk then ? 

Monday next. Before my departure for Portugal, I promise I'll be available. I know that you get a bit impatient for some news on the forum, but as you can see I've been impossible to get a hold of. Anyway, I think of you often and I can assure you that you're all with me in my heart (!).

Bye, speak to you Monday.

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