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Halcyon Days 
The 1980-81 Season

Halcyon Days

The Fortysomethings out there will recall with extreme pain the 1980-81 season.  Bill McGarry presided over a collection of individuals that could very loosely be described as a football team in the old Division Two. 

Using old programmes, diary entries and meticulously documented Journal Merit Marks, the 1980-81 season is brought back to life for your delectation. Each week we recreate the atmosphere of utter despair as we look at what was happening all those years ago.

As blind optimism had us dreaming of promotion and the promised land of Division One, reality soon kicked in with the opening week of the season.

Part I - Swedish promise. Sheffield Shocka...
Part II - A Vampire Visits
Part III - Burnden Blitz. Rafferty Rocket. 
Part IV - McGarry Out, League Success, Cup Demise. 
Part V
- Ninian Ninnies defeated, "Cox In" delights sub-editors.
Part VI
- Match of the Day jinx, fuzzy hair and big taches
Part VII - All we are saying is give us a goal....
Part VIII - Trips to Preston and Bristol City. Shinton becomes joint top scorer...
Part IX -
The Swans fly into Toon and Russell Cushing waxes lyrical about his Snatch of the Day....
Part X - New boys Waddle and Withe see off the Shrews but Bruce Halliday, white shorts and the Match of the Day cameras prove to be a lethal concoction.
Part XI - Top Marks as new boy Johnson inspires shell-shocked United.
Part XII - Trips to the Abbey and Meadow Lane curb any ill-founded optimism....
Part XIII - To follow



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