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Laurent Robert Interview 1

Taken from his own official (French Language) website 27.8.01

Newcastle drew yesterday 1-1 at home to Sunderland. How did it go?

We passed well, dominated the play and should have won the match. With all the chances we had at the end of the game, we should have gained the three points for a victory. Newcastle hadn't beaten Sunderland for three years and wanted to win the match to stop this curse. 

Did you play well?

I passed the ball for Bellamy's goal at the end of the first half. I recovered the ball in midfield and Bellamy made a good run. My pass let him in unmarked on goal and he scored with a cross-shot. 

I also put over some good crosses, one of which in the first half which would have had led to a penalty. The defender handled the ball of the hand in surface but the referee didn't see it. The game went ok for me.

Were you not tired a little after the Intertoto match against Troyes? 

The boys had one day off to recover but as the side is made up of young players, they recover relatively quickly. We did not have a problem. 

So far you have two points into two matches. Are you anxious about the team's start to the season? 

Absolutely not. We've met two good teams at the beginning of the championship and succeeded in taking a point each time. It was a good result to draw with Chelsea and we should have won yesterday in the derby against Sunderland. The team played well.

When will the injured players be fit?

Alan Shearer made his comeback yesterday at the end of the match him, that goes much better. As we have no match this weekend, I think he will have a great chance of returning on September 8th. For the others, they continue to be looked after, but we will be soon have our complete team. 

How will you manage this two week break from action? 

We will continue with training. With not having a match because the fixtures are moved for various international meetings, perhaps I will 
go to Paris this weekend.

Let us return to the Intertoto exit. Newcastle went out to Troyes after a completely insane match. How did you find the game?

Hard, very hard. We failed to mark,stopped playing and gave them two goals. From 4-1,we made it back to 4-4 but came across a good defence.

Now, it is necessary to concentrate on the championship. There are important games to be played and I will do everything to make sure they go well.

Sylvain Distin was also present at St James Park. Did you see him?

He stayed the evening in the same hotel as me but we weren't together. I know he was there to meet with club officials but I don't know when he'll join.  

There has also been talk about the arrival of Andrew Cole?. 

That would be a very good thing for us but we'll have to wait and see. There are enormous changes at present Manchester, with the departure of Stam to Lazio and rumours of Laurent Blanc to replace him. 

It's true that with Shearer, that would make a very wonderful  attack, but at present the team is going well and i''m content - hopefully that will continue for as long as possible.

Paris have beaten Rennes this weekend. Did they play well?

Yes, they are fourth in the league. They won 3-0 and the new recruits fitted in well. - good for them. I understand that Okocha has become the new star of the side, and i'm happy for him.


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