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Laurent Robert Interview 10

Taken from his own official (French Language) website 9.10.01

How did your weekend at Montpellier go?

It went really well, although too short. In fact I was back at Newcastle on the Sunday morning for training, anyway, seeing my family again was good, and helped me relax a little. This evening we will play Barnsley, a First division side in the third round of the league cup. It won't be easy as we will play in a small hostile stadium.

Are you already there?

Yes, We left Newcastle at the beginning of the afternoon in a bus, and we arrived at the hotel two hours later.

Are you selected for the team tonight?

Yes, Sylvain and Olivier are also in the team, we will therefore be three French players on the pitch. nice no!

8 days ago the French U17 national side became the world champions, and Sinama-Pongolle was the competitions top scorer, he comes from the reunion island like yourself, do you know him?

No, I learnt of that on TV, it pleases me and I think it is excellent for the reunion island, from my generation there is only Willy Grondin of Nantes and Eric Assati of Auxerre which have managed to breakthrough. It will be good if new players from the reunion island manage to become pro footballers, but Sinama-Pongolle is well on the way to achieving this.

Apart from that, did you follow the France Algeria game at the weekend?

No, because I had to catch my flight. I saw the highlights when I arrived back at my house. It's really amazing to see people acting like animals in such a way. In England, the public act more respectfully and I have not yet seen people invade the pitch during a match. I must leave you now, I'll talk to you again at the end of the week, cheers.

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