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Laurent Robert Interview 11

Taken from his own official (French Language) website 11.10.01

Newcastle qualified for the next round of the league cup on Tuesday night by beating Barnsley 1 - 0 how did the match go?

First division teams in England are very ferocious, and they have the possibility to knock out premiership teams , and they regard this as an opportunity not to miss, it's quite competitive, and they stick a boot in...we scored our goal in the second half, I ran alone with the ball and dribbled round a defender, passed the ball to Bellamy who beat the keeper to put the ball in the back of the net, sending us to the next round.

For the first time this season there were three French players present in the magpies colors how did Sylvain and Olivier behave?

It went really well for Sylvain He had a big presence in defence with his physique. He was totally uncompromising and stood strong both in the air and on the ground, even when they were pushing us back he made some good interceptions to prevent them from getting in. It went equally well for Olivier He played his first match in the left back position, and he can be pleased with his performance, both in a defensive role and going forward.

This player is not very well known in France, Could you present him to us?

He came from Lyon 1 year ago. The Lyon football club have started to buy big names, so he preferred to come to Newcastle to ply his trade, he's 22 years old, and he played at left wing for Lyon, since he arrived here he's been playing at left back, or left side midfield, he likes to move forward, and he has a sweet left foot. He's a player that merits to be known, and has made a good impression with his performance on Tuesday evening.

This weekend you're playing away to Bolton, what do you know of this team?

Bolton are sitting 5th in the league, but they are having some difficulties at the moment, We're going there with the intention of winning at least a point, to stay in contact with the teams above us in the league.

On your side, do you have any injuries or suspensions?

No we have a full squad, I have to leave you now, as I mustn't be late for training, talk to you next week.

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