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Laurent Robert Interview 13

Taken from his own official (French Language) website 22.10.01

Yesterday you were beaten 2-0 by Tottenham, as a consequence you've slipped a few places down the table.

(Out of breath) In fact we are now in 10th position in the league, 5 points behind Leeds, it's a shame because we had the possibility to go back up the table after the 0-0 Leeds and Arsenal draw, and the defeat of Manchester, If we'd have won the match we would be in 3rd place....As I've already said, we play well one in every two matches. It's always the same thing. 

Now, we must react positively and beat Everton next Saturday.

We imagine that it was a huge disappointment to lose on home ground.

It is annoying to lose in front of the home crowd - they give fantastic support and its quite infuriating that we've lost twice in consecutive games. 

Tottenham scored two goals in the first 20 minutes, why did you have such a bad start to the match?

For the first time this season we played a 3-5-2 formation, with individual man marking, but some of the players found it hard to find their markers, and Tottenham profited from this almost immediately 

The first goal came due to bad positioning of players on the pitch, which we should have avoided. For the second, Poyet headed the ball over the keeper to score the goal. With this system, I found myself playing more as a left back then a winger, Solano and myself found it very difficult as we didnt see much of the ball.

How did the match progress?

We fought back, and put some pressure on them, but we were unable to convert our chances.

You encountered a few problems on the left, did you have any chances on goal?

I made a few passes, but I didnt get an opportunity to score, never the less, we pushed forward, but alas, we were unable to score.    

What's the programme for the week?

This morning, we had a big discussion with the coach, then we had light training to warm down. We rest tomorrow then resume training on Wednesday, I'm actually in the gym on the bike, that's why I'm out of breath (he laughs). 

However, I must leave you now, as the trainer doesn't really appreciate the fact that I'm on the phone, On Thursday then. cheers

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