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Laurent Robert Interview 15

Taken from his own official (French Language) website 31.10.01

We tried to phone you yesterday but you were in bed, what's the matter with you exactly?

I have tonsillitis. I had a temperature of 40deg and a fever, so I was confined to  bed. I had a terrible night, I don't know how long I'll have it but it's getting better, I'll return to training. I think that I caught this virus due to the fact that I'm too tired. I had a round trip to the Reunion Island and back in the space of two days for my grandfathers funeral, coupled with a series of matches, it must have had something to do with me catching this virus.

You were at Everton last weekend where you beat them 3-1, once again Newcastle were uncompromising away from home

We really had to win that match to stay within touching distance of the top teams. The win was merited, but Everton created chances for themselves, but without any success, we're not complaining though! 

With regards to me, I made the decisive pass for the third goal. I had a very defensive game, that's why you didn't see very much of me in an attacking sense. I didn't get too many touches of the ball, but we came away with the 3 points, that's all that counts.

What's difference between the Newcastle who play at home, and the Newcastle who play away?

It's true that there is a problem when we play at home, the reason? I don't really know...I get the impression that the team feel under pressure at St James' park, it's like we're trying to hard to please by playing "nice" football. We must be aggressive , like when were playing away, If we don't improve our form at home, it's obvious that we we will find ourselves with a bad league position.

This weekend you will welcome the league leaders, Aston Villa, it's a game which you cant afford to lose

Absolutely, the league is very tight with some difficult games, I really hope that we play well, like we do when we're away from home.

It was stated in the English press last week that you had a 'run in' with the Newcastle defender, Andy Griffin, can you tell us anything more?

As I have already said, the training in England is quite physical, it can sometimes get a little heated, and there are some incidents, but nothing serious at all.

Roger Lemerre announced the squad for the Australia friendly yesterday, and you're not in the squad. did you expect this squad selection?

I saw the squad selection on the TV yesterday, when there's an international match, you're always hoping to be selected, I was'nt picked, but I'm not disheartened, It's going very well at the club, the trainer is satisfied, and for me that's the main thing, I find very pleasing here, and if Lemerre doe''nt call me. then I won't make a crisis out of it. I respect these choices, and I have absolutely nothing to say.

Finally, in the paper "journal du dimanche" Luis Fernandez has said that Nicolas Anelka is a good boy, contrary to you, whats your reaction?

Oh, he said that! In my opinion its just the journalist having fun by writing that, because every time he comes to the 'camp des loges' he jumps on me, and he's always happy to see me, for me its completely false...! (he laughs) Got to go, have a good week, Bye.

Page last updated 24 June, 2009